4SPACE presents PAPA Bar in Dubai, which includes nine exciting concepts

4SPACE offers the exciting PAPA Dubai project, an exciting 1,580m² entertainment destination in the bustling Atrium complex, the dining and entertainment epicenter of the waterfront town of Al Habtoor. Comfort and soul food are at the heart of the dining experience that takes visitors from evening to early morning. World-renowned bartenders from Dubai and Moscow have partnered with 4SPACE to create nine glorious bars and mixology concepts like no other.

The Dubai-based design firm has teamed up with the world’s top mixologists from Dubai and Moscow to create an exclusive place of transformation. The venue seamlessly transitions from a sophisticated and immersive dining experience to a chic after-party venue with DJs and entertainment as the evening progresses into the night.

Champagne Avenue

The total space is made up of small “boulevards” comprising the Rum Station, Champagne Avenue, Gin Point and Vodka Lane, Tequila Road, Sake Alley, Whiskey Square and the VIP Lounge. It has a cohesive village feel, with archways in different finishes used throughout the expansive space to allow for a unified design between each of the bars. The monochromatic color approach allows for a seamless transition between each distinctive bar. As the tempo picks up, the lighting changes. The designers of 4SPACE have seamlessly integrated architectural and entertainment lighting with five distinct ambiances depending on the time of day and the desired experience. Each bar has its own vibe and personality and turns into a chic restaurant every day where you can dine in style at the end of the evening. As night falls over the city, the restaurant becomes an elegant party venue and after-club bar.

VIP lounge

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Rozella J. Cook