Animal Welfare Charity refuses to remove meat from its cafe menu

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An animal welfare charity has refused to remove animal products from its cafe menu – despite increasing pressure from vegan activists.

The Raystede Center for Animal Welfare in East Sussex, is at the center of a campaign called Make Raystede Vegan, which called on its supporters to write to local newspapers “to express your support for this protest and your shock at the gross disregard of Raystede for the legitimacy of people concerns ”.


Campaigners say it’s hypocritical for the Raystede Center – which houses cats and dogs alongside animals, including former battery hens, among others – to serve dead animals, eggs and dairy .

Raystede founder Mabel Raymonde-Hawkins wrote “it is my point of view, and that of any honest person, that no animal should suffer at all for any reason”, in her book titled Reasonable pets and silly people.

The campaign claims that serving animal food is a betrayal of those values ​​- though the center claims Raymonde-Hawkins ate animals – despite exposure of animal suffering.

“Necessary suffering”

Vegan activist Edward Burbank told the Daily mail: “Raystede’s carnivorous administrators, for their own convenience, have chosen to classify the slaughter of farm animals as necessary suffering – despite the fact that animal products are now known to be not only unnecessary, but also harmful to human health.

“Certainly no one could call bacon and beef burgers healthy food. So how can those in charge at Raystede justify ordering the deaths of the cows and pigs they came from? ”

Will not stop serving animals

“As a charity, we rely entirely on donations. We make sure that every penny we raise is used to support the animals in our care. Our charitable activities are those defined by our founder, Ms. M Raymonde-Hawkins, and we work tirelessly to realize and develop her vision, ”said a statement released by the center.

“We are aware of a small but ongoing campaign directed against our staff and directors by instigators who, although they never had the privilege of meeting our Founder, maintain that she was an active vegan.

“Our president, who has known Ms. Raymonde-Hawkins for over 20 years, fondly remembers meals with her, where she regularly ate trout, salmon and a range of dairy-based meals while still getting funds and a legacy of a wide range of supporters. We are proud to continue the pioneering work of Ms. Raymonde-Hawkins today.

“We are an animal welfare charity, not an animal rights charity,” added Nigel Mason, Managing Director of Raystede, adding that the cafe has vegan options.

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