Some products are hit or missed on Idaho grocery shelves

A buddy eats bagels with cream cheese and lox on Christmas. It is a family tradition. This year it was postponed to New Years Day. It’s because of a shortage of cream cheese! He grew up in New York and now lives in a small town in Kentucky. While he couldn’t find cream cheese in December, I can walk into a store and find plenty. The shortages we are experiencing are often regional. I’ve written before about my frustration with trying to find cat food. When it’s available, it’s often a cut or brand that my cat doesn’t like. Which means he ignores his bowl and moans. Very funny !

Trial and error during purchase

When I come across a brand that they find acceptable, I try to buy as many as I can, which only makes things worse for other buyers. What I do is called hoarding and I guess you can tell it’s selfish. This is also what another friend continually describes as “first world problems.” After all, my drinking water is safe and when it comes to groceries there are still alternatives when you can’t find the cheese flavor you want. In other words, the shelves are not bare. There are also store brands and a variety of sources of protein, minerals, and vitamins. Even if, like my cat, you don’t always prefer substitutes.

Do they call the new normal?

I’ve read all of this and the supply chain issues are expected to continue until 2022. When it comes to dairy, we don’t have a lot of concerns. We are surrounded by farms and processing facilities.

And, when my cat is hungry enough, he will eat his lunch.

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