The Getaway Cafe menu is varied and delicious

Keema Khichdi at Getaway Café

With the growing demand from discerning foodies for a unique flavor and feel, diners across the city are offering true experiential dining options, with Golpark’s Gateway Café being the latest to join the movement. Inspired by the travel diaries of partners Sayantani Guhathakur ta and Nirban Karmakar, the 42-seat restaurant sports clean interiors with patches of greenery – something that stands out in the melee of restaurants flaunting one theme or another. The simple interiors also ensure that your focus is only on the food and nowhere else. The menu is as varied as it gets with dishes from Germany, Japan, Singapore and Italy cooked to perfection.

We started off with a few Mexican delicacies including cheese-stuffed jalapeno, which has changed the way we enjoy Mexican chili peppers for so long. Switching from regular cheese-based fried poppers, the Jalapeno here is split into equal halves and stuffed with mashed potatoes and sweet corn. Grated cheese and chili flakes add more depth to the appetizer.

Another entry that effortlessly impressed us was American Buffalo Wings. It has set a new standard with its well-balanced hot sauce that hits the right culinary notes. Right from the start we tasted the chef’s special butter and garlic rice flavored with pepper and creamy shrimp with a hint of gondhoraj lime which gives a unique aromatic flavor to the meal.

Also mark the restaurant as your go-to destination for their Keema Khichidi served with started bhaja (brinjal fritters) tempered with poppy seeds. The cuts of meat in this comfort food are well done and worth the price. The classic French dessert Crème Brûlée from the dessert section gets a local twist here with the addition of the aromatic gondhoraj lime.

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