Westgate Design, a family business in Wexford, forced to close for two weeks after three brothers contracted Covid

Westgate Design restaurant and gift shop on Wexford’s main street has been closed since Christmas Eve after the three Jordan brothers who run the business with their mother Catherine contracted Covid while staff members also contracted the virus.

he famed Wexford family’s party plans were called off after brothers Darren, Leonard and Keith Jordan were all gunned down by the coronavirus. They are now on the mend and the business is scheduled to reopen on Monday, January 10.

“We had all done antigen tests daily. Some people had positive antigen tests 24 hours before Christmas Eve. We knew that once he was in the building, there was every chance that this is spreading and we have decided to close for two weeks, “said Catherine Jordan, who has managed to escape the virus herself, despite having been in close contact with her sons. She received her booster shot about three weeks before the outbreak while Darren and Keith received a booster a few days before they fell ill.

“We closed due to a lack of staff, close contact and people diagnosed with Covid. In the end, fewer people got it than we feared. We also closed for the safety of our people. customers and people entering the premises. We had requested Covid certificates and contact tracing throughout, “said Catherine.

The Jordan family spent Christmas in isolation, in separate homes. Keith, who was to organize the Christmas dinner for the extended family, woke up early on Christmas morning feeling unwell and had an antigen test which came back positive. With the table set and all the food ready to be cooked, he had to cancel the arrangements at the last minute.

“We were all isolated on Christmas. I got some food from Keith’s door, cooked it and delivered it, but no one was in the mood to eat on Christmas day because they couldn’t get up. head of the pillow. Everyone would say it didn’t look like a cold at all but luckily no one got seriously ill or was hospitalized, “she said.

“My doctor told me I could have it without showing any symptoms and advised me to have a PCR test which I did, just after Christmas, and it was negative. But it’s so prevalent in it. moment i don’t think there are many … hope not to get it.

Catherine said most of the staff have now come out of isolation and her sons are also feeling better even though they experience persistent fatigue. “I hope everyone will be back with a smile on Monday.”

She thanked the customers for their understanding and said she looked forward to welcoming them all again.

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Rozella J. Cook