10 Best Black Cod Recipes For Dinner

The next time you need a restaurant-worthy dinner, try one of the delicious black cod recipes.

From marinated in miso to lemony garlic, they are all winners.

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Cod fillet with mushrooms and lettuce

Also known as sablefish, black cod is a fabulous, light main dish.

Its tender texture is buttery and flaky, and it’s quite soft overall. That means it tastes like a dream!

Best of all, these black cod recipes are a cinch to make. Fish cooks in a flash, so you can have dinner on the table in no time.

Try these delicious fish dinners tonight, and I guarantee you will fall in love.

10 Easy Sablefish Recipes Your Family Will Love

I have been to Nobu once and can say it is definitely worth it. And this black cod marinated in miso is the proof!

The trick to this zesty (but effortless) dish is the rich miso marinade. But this is not your average marinade.

It’s made two to three days ahead, so the flaky, tender cod has plenty of time to soak up all those rich, Japanese-inspired flavors.

Marinating in the fridge can be time-consuming, but it only requires a quick glance at the stovetop once it’s ready.

It’s sweet, salty, buttery and definitely worth the wait.

Pan-fried black cod is one of the best ways to prepare it.

Toss it in a flavorful marinade first, and it will create a crispy shell with light, tender flesh that melts in your mouth.

What I love most about this recipe is the burst of rich flavors. Oh, and how simple!

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It only takes a few minutes to whip up this tasty main dish, so make sure you have a side dish ready to go!

I think seared black cod is best with wild rice and roasted vegetables. Delicious !

Need an all-in-one dinner the whole family will love? How about this superb black cod recipe?

Fish lights up in minutes, and everything from white wine and tomatoes to rich pour-over sauce comes together in the same pot.

Because fish is cooked in wine and tomatoes, it soaks up so many amazing flavors. In fact, it’s so flavorful and moist that you don’t really need any sauce,

But it’s too good to miss, so don’t skip it!

This grilled black cod doesn’t shy away from bold flavors.

You’ll whip up a quick marinade with bold spices like garlic powder, vinegar, Sambal Oelek (a potent Indonesian chili paste), and cayenne pepper.

Because the marinade is so robust, the fish is ready to grill in as little as 30 minutes.

Once your fish is browned, it gains another flavor by incorporating the marinade as a pour-on sauce.

This stuff is so rich and flavorful, you’ll want to make double the amount.

Miso sauce is a fantastic ingredient to serve with black cod. The rich umami brings out the natural sweet flavors of the fish beautifully.

Seriously, the marinade alone should be enough to entice you to make this dish.

A mixture of sweet miso paste with wasabi, ginger, garlic, sesame and sake is amazing!

Pair the fish with bok choy and you have a tasty dinner.

Do you love Mediterranean flavors? Then you’ll love this Mediterranean black cod with bold flavors and a healthy kick of nutrition.

Pair sweet fish with tomatoes, peppers, fresh parsley, olives, and garlic, and it’s suddenly bright, tangy, and colorful.

Best of all, everything cooks in one pan and comes out perfectly seasoned and ready to eat in just 20 minutes.

It may taste like an elevated restaurant meal, but it’s the perfect light dinner for a hectic weeknight.

When it comes to white fish, you can never go wrong with garlic and lemon!

So if you’re new to making fish at home, this Baked Cod with Lemon and Garlic is the perfect place to start.

It infuses rich, fan-favorite flavors with soft, sweet fish. The lemon is bright, the garlic is punchy, and the fish is buttery and to die for.

Garnish with fresh parsley and serve with roasted vegetables or a large bowl of steamed rice. Yum!

If you’re looking for an incredibly filling cod recipe, look no further than this hearty yet light dinner.

Think of this Black Cod with Lemon and Capers recipe like ocean meat and potatoes.

It pairs a cod fillet with lemon and buttered capers with rustic roast potatoes and broccoli.

Cod is rich, tangy and pairs well with hearty root vegetables and broccoli. Don’t forget the fantastic mustard sauce to pour on top!

The honey garlic sauce in this recipe is out of this world.

It infuses the sweet notes of honey with savory spices like garlic, red pepper flakes, ginger and sesame oil.

Now imagine those bold flavors with naturally sweet and mild black cod.

This fish practically explodes off the plate and comes together in the blink of an eye. From fridge to oven, you’ll be swallowed in just 20 minutes.

Very easy!

Forget the lemons and try this superb recipe for Black Cod with Ginger and Lime. It is light, shiny and easy to prepare quickly.

You will need garlic, lime, cilantro and ginger, as well as cod, of course.

Pair baked fish with roasted veggies or serve it chunky as fish tacos!

Black Cod Recipes

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