11 celebrity chef groceries that are a waste of money


Do you remember what we mentioned about the quality of most of these products? This does not apply to this one. TikTok’s viral pink sauce is the creation of Chef Pii, a Miami-based private chef. It is a creamy dressing made with oil, chilli, garlic, honey and other seasonings. It gets its sinister, TikTok-ready pink hue from dragon fruit. We’re not exactly sure the world was crying out for fruity mayonnaise to drizzle over chicken strips, but we’re not TikTok food influencers, so what do we know?

Chef Pii sold her concoction for $20 directly to her fans without FDA approval. Although it might sound sleazy, it’s potentially legal under Florida Cottage Food Laws, which allow entrepreneurs to make and sell food from their home kitchens as long as it doesn’t make anyone sick. About that last part: Chef Pii was shipping the product without any refrigeration, and while it was supposed to be shelf-stable, some customers claimed it made them sick (via Vice).

To be fair, at least one reported illness turned out to be a hoax, and Chief Pii insisted she followed the rules. Nevertheless, the racket has damaged the reputation of the sauce and you cannot buy it right now. However, the pink sauce site now has a video in which Chef Pii promises (threatens?) to release a commercial version of the product in partnership with Dave’s Gluttony. Our advice? Stay away, especially if the new version is still $20.

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Rozella J. Cook