12 Easy Fall Salad Recipes To Make Tonight

Every season is salad season! And fall is no exception. Fall salads make the most of late summer and pre-winter bounty, often vegetables with rich jewel tones, like purple radicchio, dark green kale and beets with ruby hues. That means your mixed vegetable dishes are about to be so gorgeous, full of nutrients, and satisfying on a chilly night. Here are the essential salads to make this fall, and they’re all easy to make (and even easier to eat).

Steak and beetroot salad with radicchio

Greg Du Pree

This mixed salad is meal-worthy and so simple to make for an elegant dinner party. The radicchio is torn to cut chopping time, and the yogurt dressing is so creamy you’ll want to double the batch for more weeknight meals.

Brussels sprout salad

Heami Lee

Brussels sprouts are a great fall salad base, and you don’t even have to cook them! Thinly sliced ​​sprouts work like crisp lettuce and absorb dressing so well – leftovers are like coleslaw! Top this salad with protein for a complete dinner.

Mustard Kale Salad with Roasted Sweet Potato and Apple

Christine Holmes

A salad that can also serve as a side or even a main course, this kale salad is bubbly and crunchy, with the sweetness of apples rounding it all out. Once you know this recipe, it will become a fall staple.

Baby Kale and Chicken Caesar

Caitlin Bensel

Baby kale can be found year-round in plastic shells at most grocery stores, and is a great ingredient for simple salads, no chopping needed! Toss Caesar salad as an appetizer to a large baked pasta meal or as a main course.

Tuna Farro Salad

Caitlin Bensel

Farro is an amazing fall ingredient, thanks to its warmth and ability to stand up to big flavors. Enjoy it in this salad with radicchio, pear and arugula, plus tuna for protein. The salad can also be 100% vegetable, if you prefer.

Beet and radicchio salad

Christophe Testani

This colorful salad brings a bit of brightness to dull autumn days and requires no special skills to prepare it as if it were served in a restaurant. The pre-cooked beets make this salad super easy to put together, and the citrus adds a nice brightness and sweet flavor.

Superfood Lentil Salad

Victor Protasio

Lentil salad is a workhorse that can be made once and reused for various meals, such as lunch, dinner, or as a side dish to serve with salmon or another main dish. Opt for precooked lentils if you want to speed up the process.

Hot roast chicken salad

Greg Du Pree

A wonderfully satisfying chicken dinner that’s also a salad? We are there for that. This salad recipe takes a juicy roast chicken and puts it on top of a crisp fall salad for the best of both worlds.

Celery and apple salad with crispy buckwheat

Alison Miksch

This refreshing green salad offers a satisfying crunch and pairs well with hearty braised meats or a lighter meal. Opt for whole celery (not just the hearts) from the store or farmer’s market, for the best flavor and decorative leaves.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Bulgur Salad

Charles Masters

This salad practically makes itself! While the sweet potatoes are roasting, all you have to do is prepare a dressing and a pot of bulgur, then assemble with fresh watercress, plus feta and crispy pistachios, for all the elements that go so well together.

Caesar salad with miso

Caitlin Bensel

Add salty umami to your Caesar salad with a little miso in the dressing. It’s so good you’ll be making this recipe all winter long. It’s also quick, so you can make it a full meal with a topping of chicken nuggets, fish sticks, or tofu.

Make-Ahead Holiday Salad

Greg Du Pree

This tender kale salad is not just for the holidays, but a great weekday hack to have a pickled, healthy salad ready to go for days. Prepare an even larger amount of dressing to make a second salad after the first has been used up.

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