13 Products Domino Editors Can’t Wait For Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a matter of tradition – one of those rituals we enjoy as a family (in whatever form) year after year. But doesn’t it get a little boring without something new on the table, whether it’s a fresh recipe or a new one? serving dishes? Sometimes the best accompaniment to grandma’s china is your set of funky cone holders you just bought. Whether it’s as small as a set of napkin rings or as large as a countertop oven, there’s no better time than Thanksgiving dinner to put your latest sales score to the test. detail ; just consider it a new tradition. Here is what our obsessed with entertainment the team is difficult to launch this year.

The first time I had Monk’s head fleurons de fromage was at La Grande Épicerie du Bon Marché with my Parisian friends. I had never seen or tasted such a thing, and I loved the small thin ribbons in the shape of a floret. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I saw it again at the most festive Hermès party and had to get my own for my next dinner party. Curling the cheese is so satisfying and impressive: the perfect trick for Thanksgiving.—Kate Berrycontent manager

After feeling a little tired from the same Thanksgiving meal every November, my mom and I decided we were going to do things differently this year. And by that, I mean we’re having a fall Italian feast instead. Cut to: Hour-long FaceTimes to decide what to do from the Via Carota cookbook. Because we landed on lasagna, we need a nice skillet to go straight to the table. Dansk offers a classic in a gorgeous range of colors, which will also come in handy for the more traditional Thanksgiving sides that we’ll come back to next year. —Julia Stevensstyle editor

I cook everything for my family’s spread, except turkey, that’s my mother’s jurisdiction. But somehow I still find myself in charge of watering the bird, and this year I plan to inject some fun into the task. Sure, the seasoned tool in my mom’s kitchen drawers will do the job, but Staff’s playful translucent pink pear with a smiling purple bulb is on the packing list to make my favorite time of year even more happy. —Raven McMillaneditorial assistant

As someone who tends to cling to beat-up cookware and cutlery out of sentimentality, the limited-edition knife trio of Beverly Nguyen x Material Kitchen quickly became one of my favorites. They’re great for everyday use (not too intimidating for someone with modest cooking skills); the sage colorway adds a subtle yet fun touch of personality; and they come with custom navy blue denim knife guards. I expect them to take the headache out of chopping veggies, sausages, and chicken while making my pot of holiday gumbo. —Kenya Foy, writer

Normally my family takes a bottle of white with our bird, but this year I’m bringing Molly Bazit’s new Drink this wine, a chillable red mix that she says tastes like “Swedish strawberry lemonade and fish, sunny walks and the west coast.” It will be a taste of Oregon during our Michigan meal. —Julie VadnalAssociate Editor

As an astrology buff, I’m definitely guilty of sprinkling the stars into my decorating choices. This cutting block from Berkeley-based California brand Long Confidence is crafted from solid white oak and features maple or walnut inlays and is meant to mimic the cosmos in a beautiful and subtle way. I love the idea of ​​using it as the base for a Thanksgiving cheese platter and prepping and chopping throughout the day. —Angela Tafoyaeditorial director branded + talent

This serving dish made by local artisans from a small town on Italy’s Amalfi Coast isn’t just for serving pasta. Piano Piano’s newly launched Little Warmer Days Reminder is guaranteed to make everyone remember the recent holiday, even when filled with mashed potatoes. —Lydia Geiselhouse editor

While I always look forward to the main family Thanksgiving event, hosting Friendsgiving in the city wouldn’t be possible this year without the help of the Couture Coffee Oven (aka my sous chef). Even on a day-to-day basis, I tap this countertop appliance more than I do on my stovetop for baking, frying, crisping, proofing, and broiling, though the broil, roast, reheat, and keep warm settings are certainly helpful when cooking. preparing a menagerie of side dishes. I plan to program cooking times from the voice-activated app for sweet potato casserole and garlic cookies. —Morgan Bullmanassociate business writer

We always like to bring out a few good bottles to share with the family for Thanksgiving, whether it’s champagne to celebrate being together or a very acidic red to cut the fat. As a perpetually clumsy person, I always need to replenish wine glasses (I have a spare just for the holidays) and often leave my most beautiful mouth-puffs for special occasions. With Glasvin, a new brand of delicate mouth-blown glass that’s dishwasher safe, I think I’ve finally found a band that can party. and pass my smell test, and at a price that doesn’t make me want to hide under the covers clicking “add to cart”. Its universal glass is quickly replacing my everyday stemware, but I’m thrilled to mix in its brand new Precision glassspecially designed for white and sparkling wines.—Samantha Weiss-Hillsassociate trade editor

A friend who throws the best parties introduced me to the “surprise balloon” – a balloon made up of layers wrapped in crepe paper containing tiny surprises (think: tissue paper crowns, jokes, stickers, mushroom-shaped erasers, etc.). It’s her simple yet effective trick to spark joy at any gathering, regardless of age and occasion. Guests pass them around while untangling the layers to discover hidden treasures. I just ordered Meri Meri’s objectively cute turkeys (I mean, come on) and can’t wait to get them out for Thanksgiving. My nieces will go crazy for these things.—Liz Buxtonbusiness content director

The unique shape and clean lines of this carafe make it sophisticated instead of stuffy like so many others. I can impress my wine-loving mom over the holidays, and my bar cart will look so high all year round.—British Ashcraftdesign director

I’m not going to try to convince you that an electric carving knife is fancy, but it’s not Thanksgiving around here without my dad’s favorite gadget. On vacation, when an overcooked bird is about the MO, you want a buzzing serrated blade that can handle even the toughest cuts (can’t say the same for a standard knife, sorry). Plus, this one has an extra-long 5-foot cord for easy maneuvering around the other 15 dishes on the counter. Lindsey Matherdigital director

This will be the first family Thanksgiving I’ve been able to attend in the past three years (sorry, Mom!). So, obviously, I can’t come empty-handed. Toss up a pumpkin pie—mine will be store bought—with this charming slicer, and Thanksgiving misses will be easily forgotten. —Lindsey DeSimone, Senior Social Strategist

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