15 Best Basmati Rice Recipes To Try Tonight

Are you looking for something delicious and easy basmati rice recipes? You have come to the right place.

In this article, I will share some of my favorite recipes for cooking this aromatic rice.

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Basmati rice is a fluffy, long-grain rice originating from the Punjab region of India.

It is light and fragrant with a delicious nutty flavor. It is perfect for making pilafs, Indian dishes and salads.

Homemade basmati chicken rice in a black plate

So, fancy a simple side dish? Or are you looking for a more elaborate main dish? Either way, I’ve got you covered.

Scroll down and check out these basmati rice recipes.

Before you get creative, here is a simple but perfect basmati rice recipe.

You can easily make it with just four ingredients in less than 30 minutes.

You need rice, butter, water and salt. These simple ingredients will give you the fluffiest, most tender basmati rice possible.

It is low in fat and calories and makes a great side dish. You can also use it as a bed for protein and vegetables.

Or you can always snack on it on its own. Either way, it’s amazing.

Looking for something with a little more flavor? Try this Garlic Onion Rice Pilaf instead.

It’s ridiculously luscious and has the most wonderful texture.

Garnish with chopped chives and almonds for extra crunch and color. I love serving it with a lean piece of chicken.

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However, it’s also a typical “all by itself” snack at my house.

Since basmati rice comes from India, it’s only fitting that we have an Indian recipe for it.

Liven up the Indian style with turmeric, cumin, curry and other fragrant seasonings.

It has a gorgeous golden color and a robust, spicy, herbal flavor.

It’s impossible not to love, especially served with your favorite curry.

If you’re like me, you can’t get enough garlic. I could put it on just about anything and enjoy it.

If you feel the same, use this recipe and add garlic to your basmati rice.

Mix spring onions, salt and rapeseed oil, and you’re done. Your whole house will smell as good while cooking.

Don’t grab the takeout menu the next time you crave chicken fried rice.

Save time and money and make your own with this recipe.

The recipe is easy to follow and the rice tastes just like anything from your local Asian restaurant.

Plus, you can have it on the table in less than an hour. It’s hard to beat that!

Despite the coconut milk, this is not a sweet rice dish. It’s tasty, moist and deliciously sticky.

It has a rich, earthy flavor with bold hints of onion deliciousness.

And even though it’s not sweet, it’s delicious with sweet and sour recipes.

Try it as a bed for sweet and sour pork or chicken. You will not be disappointed.

What’s better than the bold taste of curry and a ton of fresh vegetables? Not a lot!

This colorful rice is as nutritious as it is delicious. It contains beans, peas, onions, cauliflower, peppers and more.

And that doesn’t include all the tasty herbs and spices.

It is a simple side dish suitable for vegetarians. You can even make it vegan with just a few recipe tweaks.

Add tofu or your favorite protein for a complete and healthy meal.

Do you crave beef stew when the weather turns cold? I know I do.

Unfortunately, making it usually involves a slow cooker and hours of simmering.

It’s perfect if you want a convenient and practical recipe.

However, if it’s already dinner time and you’ve just started to crave it, you’ll need another option.

That’s where this recipe comes in handy.

You can prepare it in less than an hour. (And it’s just as good as the slow cooker recipe.)

Serve it on a bed of basmati rice, and voila! Dinner is served!

I’m a sucker for a great one-pot meal, especially one that’s colorful, fragrant, and flavorful. (With low-fat shrimp and tons of veggies!)

That’s exactly what you’ll get with this delicious dinner. It’s well seasoned and lightly spiced, Creole cuisine at its best.

Try it once and you’ll be hooked for life.

Do you prefer milder dishes with chicken rather than shrimp?

This recipe could be more your speed. It’s equally delicious and easy to make in one pot.

It’s garlicky and grassy, ​​with lively notes of feta, lemon and basil.

If you’re looking for a more exciting way to serve chicken and rice, this recipe is for you.

Indian Butter Chicken is perhaps the only Indian recipe that everyone I know loves.

Some of my friends and family love chicken tikka masala. Others prefer tandoori chicken.

But they everything love butter chicken. It’s the easy Indian meal we all agree on.

The chicken itself is tender and juicy. The brilliant tomato-based sauce is also out of this world.

It’s a spicy, but not overly spicy meal that the whole family can enjoy.

Don’t forget the basmati rice and naan bread to go with it.

Do you like Middle Eastern cuisine? How about lots of tasty veggies?

This recipe combines those two things into one golden, delicious dish.

It takes time to do, but it’s worth it. It smells great, looks phenomenal, and tastes even better.

Plus, it’s naturally vegan, so almost anyone can enjoy it.

Mmmm… Chicken and rice soup. I love it! It’s perfect with chicken noodle soup when it comes to “feel better” meals.

And with this recipe, you can make it yourself. This is a savory thin broth soup with lots of good bits.

It takes less than an hour to make in one pot. It also contains less than 200 calories per serving.

Make a batch the next time you crave soup.

Remember earlier when I said some of my friends love chicken tikka masala? It was me. I am one of my friends.

Seriously, this is my all time favorite Indian dish. It has it all: the spices, the curry, the rich tomato sauce.

Not to mention the fluffy rice and tender chicken.

If you like Indian cuisine or want to try it, this recipe is for you.

Oh, man. If you think pasta salad is a summer staple, wait.

Try this rice salad and you’ll never look at pasta salad the same way again.

It’s cool, colorful and full of vegetables, herbs, seasonings and spices.

The Italian dressing packs a healthy dose of flavor and everything else is just as tasty.

It only takes 20 minutes to assemble and is delicious hot or cold.

Try it at your next backyard barbecue. There won’t be a single person there who doesn’t want seconds.

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