83% of Quebecers prefer to buy products from circular economy practices


TORONTO , September 29, 2022 /CNW/ – Capterra just released the second part of his investigation regarding the circular economy, for which more than 1,000 Canadian consumers were surveyed. The first half of this report analyzed consumer participation in the circular economy by Quebec. For this second part, Capterra Canada is interested in beliefs and habits in terms of sustainable consumption. Both reports are written in French and focus mainly on Quebec respondents, while comparing the data to the national results.

82% of Quebec the consumers surveyed acknowledge that their behavior and choices can have a positive impact on the environment. 83% of Quebec– based respondents prefer to buy products from companies with circular economy practices. The most common habits of Quebecers are related to recycling: 78% use reusable bags and 73% sort their waste. However, many actions can be taken in terms of sustainability.

Sustainable shopping habits Canada

Recycling electronic devices and sustainable purchases (buying in bulk, local or second-hand products) are other habits that the Quebecers surveyed practice at least occasionally (see attached table). Buyback programs seem to be more popular in Quebec than at the national level: 11% of “usual” use against 8%. However, the interest remains: the proportion of Canadians who actively want to extend the life cycle of their products rises to 88%, and to 81% for Quebec respondents.

Tessa Anayacontent analyst for the study, says: “With buyback programs, as with many other sustainable practices, the responsibility cannot rest entirely with the consumer. Logically, consumers cannot participate in programs that do not exist or that they are unaware of. While the circular economy is a daily practice for many Canadians, increased awareness and engagement is needed to foster sustainability in Canada.”

Fight against food waste

While 32% of Quebec respondents are aware of applications to fight against food waste (TooGoodToGo, FlashFood), only 7% currently use them. 45% of respondents in Quebec unaware of their existence, but are interested in the concept. Additionally, 29% of Quebec consumers would certainly spend money in a restaurant or grocery store that takes anti-waste measures.

The second-hand market

This circular economy survey was conducted in different countries. 63% of pan-Canadian participants say they buy second-hand products at least sometimes, compared to 58% of Quebecers surveyed. In comparison, 51% of French respondents and 57% of British respondents said the same.

64% of Canadian respondents make their second-hand purchases in physical stores, compared to 51% of Quebecers. The most frequent purchasing channel for Quebecers is online via marketplaces (Kijiji, Ebay), cited by 62% of respondents.

Three-quarters of Quebecers surveyed (76%) have already sold second-hand items. Of those who have never done so, 29% say they would rather give away or throw away these products than sell them.

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