Ahead of Diwali, traders’ body appeals for use of ‘Swadeshi’ products


Ahead of Diwali, the traders’ body, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CTI), called on traders and individuals to buy and sell indigenous products made in India.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has appealed to traders and individuals to buy and sell products made in India. (File photo)

By Pankaj Jain: The Diwali festive season this time offers huge trading opportunities for traders in Delhi and across the country and it is expected that around Rs 1 lakh crore of cash will enter the market through purchases festive.

The traders’ body, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CTI), issued a statement saying that the substantial inflow of funds should also relieve the business community from the financial crisis. After two years, the Diwali festival will be celebrated without any Covid restrictions, prompting consumers to visit commercial markets in every city in the country to buy Diwali.

The festive shopping started on September 26, Navratri Day and will continue until November 5, Tulsi Vivah Day.

CTI Chairman Brijesh Goyal has said that according to an estimate, the Diwali festival business is expected to register a business of Rs 1 lakh crore in Delhi.

According to CTI, a recent report released by FADA, the automotive industry’s umbrella organization, overall automotive retail sales increased by 57% during the Navratri period. Among all vehicle categories, two-wheelers, three-wheelers, commercial vehicles, personal vehicles and tractors recorded an extremely high growth of 52%, 115%, 48%, 70% and 58% respectively.

These figures show the high activity expected during the Diwali festivities. It is estimated that about 5 crores of gifts of all kinds of small to high-end items are exchanged during the Diwali festival period.

The wedding season also starts in November and people are also shopping for products. CTI has established relationships with hotel and banquet associations, restaurant and shopping center associations, movie theater associations, shopping center associations, automobile dealership associations, makeup and salon associations, travel and travel associations, market associations, industry associations. It has been concluded by CTI that this festival season can bring in deals of around Rs 1 lakh crore.

CTI Secretary General Vishnu Bhargava said Diwali this year is focusing more on selling and buying Indian goods, which will likely cause a huge setback for Chinese trade. After the Galwan incident, Indian customers stopped asking for Chinese products, which greatly boosted the sale of Indian products, and CTI also appealed to traders and people in Delhi to buy and sell products. indigenous products made in India.

He added: “Made in India products especially home decor items, Diwali puja items including earthen lamps, deities, wall hangings, handicrafts, auspicious, traditional good luck symbols like Om, Goddess Lakshmi and Shri Ganesh Ji, worship items, home decorations. items made by local artisans, craftsmen and skilled artists will give a big trade to markets across the country. »

Apart from this, FMCG products, consumer goods, toys, electronics, power tools and accessories, kitchen utensils and other appliances, gift items, personal consumables, confectionery, home furnishings, textiles, ready-to-wear clothing, fashion clothing, textiles, tapestries, utensils, hardware manufacturers, shoes, watches, furniture & fixtures textiles, textiles, cosmetics, beauty products, mobiles & accessories , wood & plywood, paint & glass, dairy products, dairy products, groceries, food, edible oil, legumes, cycles and their accessories, wall clocks, gota-zari, saris and clothing, etc. have the potential for a big trade.

Delhi’s famous Bhagirath Palace market has a huge sale of Indian goods in made-in-India ropes, skirting boards and lighting fixtures, while demand for Chinese goods has dropped dramatically.

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