Alfa Romeo launches new dealership design in Milan

To mark the launch of the Tonale, Alfa Romeo’s newest vehicle, the Italian automaker is also updating its brand identity with a new dealership design. The new style debuted at its flagship location in Milan.

Intended to set a precedent for the rest of its European dealerships, Alfa Romeo’s new design will be marked by its rich use of materials and restrained use of color. Together they are meant to convey the premium nature and modernity of the automaker.

Upon arrival, customers will be greeted by a brilliant red column outside the dealership that literally reflects the customer in Alfa Romeo red. On it, the brand name is written in its traditional cursive script.

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The Alfa Red continues inside through the LED lights and plays across multiple shades of grey, which the brand says “is capable of expressing the ‘premium quality’ of the brand”. It also includes feature walls covered in unique textured materials whose color is meant to evoke rust, which seems bold for an automaker.

Nods to Alfa’s racing technology are also scattered throughout the space. With large posters showcasing its current F1 car and coffee table books tracing its history, visitors have the opportunity to see the marque’s performance as well as its quality.

Divided into themed areas, in addition to viewing cars, customers can also shop for merchandise or simply relax in the dealership cafe. It also has a “Join the Tribe” space, which is a digital portal through which visitors can discover the future models that the brand is considering.

“The inauguration here in Milan of the world’s first flagship store with the new brand identity is a crucial moment for us and an opportunity to inspire the world from Italy by staying true to our roots,” said Francesco Calcara, senior VP of global marketing and communication at Alfa Romeo. “Alfa Romeo wants to offer its customers immersive, even visceral experiences wherever they come into contact with the brand. It starts at our dealerships, where customers will be able to explore the entire brand ecosystem as they are at the heart of a premium shopping experience.

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