ARC awards contract for McNab Garden design and facade grant for Papamigos


The facade and the patio proposed by Papamigos. [CRA]

By Diane Emeott-Korzen | New Pelican Writer

Pompano Beach – The Community Redevelopment Agency [CRA] The board recently voted on four items for the McNab House and Botanical Gardens, and five items for the Asian-Mexican papamigos pub.​​

A work authorization of $477,525 has been approved for Bermello, Ajamil & Partners to provide landscape architectural services for McNab House. This amount is fully budgeted for the current fiscal year, according to ARC project coordinator Sarah Mulder.

Commissioner Rhonda Eaton questioned the type of garden proposed. “Is it going to be a vegetable garden [or botanical garden]. Are they really two different things? she asked. Randy Hollingsworth of Bermello said details of the garden have not been determined. This can range from a full orchid garden to native plant material to vegetables. There may also be an educational component.

Bermello will work with the CRA to determine what is most beneficial to the community. “Although the garden is for the community, it will not be a traditional community garden where you come to grow your vegetables,” he said.

The McNab House, located in McNab Park. [Diane Emeott-Korzen]

In the meantime, officials say several meetings will be held to determine the extent of the garden. There will be an on-site kick-off meeting with ARC staff; a meeting of theory and organization of the Botanical Garden; three public engagement opportunities; a presentation to the ARC Eastern Advisory Committee followed by a presentation to the ARC Board of Directors.

The board also authorized the CRA to apply for two grants for stormwater treatment projects at McNab House. A matching grant seeks $660,000 from the Resilient Florida Grant administered by the Florida DEP. The second is asking for $2.2 million from the Rebuild Florida Mitigation General Infrastructure Program administered by the same agency.

Budgets for Eastern ARC and NWCRA have been approved: $24 million for FY2023 for Eastern ARC and $50 million for NW ARC.

Vice President Beverly Perkins said: “I find it very ironic that whenever McNab House is on the agenda there always seems to be funding for it. When funding is needed on the northwest side, the staff seems confused, we can’t find the money. Perkins referenced the senior center, where she wanted a botanical garden. “You all put beautiful flowers and landscaping there. You didn’t both want botanical gardens in the city.

The Papamigos Restaurant is temporarily closed. It is adjacent to property owned by Tom McMahon’s father and CRA lawyer Claudia McKenna ruled it was not a dispute for board member McMahon.

According to ARC project manager Kimberly Vazquez, the intention was always to open a traditional restaurant at 44 NE 1 Street. A patio lease was approved in July 2020. For more than a year, restaurateurs operated a food truck there in order to gain exposure. The truck was removed from the site in May for maintenance and inspections. The intention is to bring it back in October for the next Untapped event.

The board approved lease changes and re-approved a $40,000 grant for facade improvements that expired in August and learned that the restaurant owner had obtained a construction loan and was ready to proceed with the renovations. building improvements.

In other business, DR, Horton has secured approval for a developer agreement that will see the company build 59 single-family homes at Hunters Manor, between NW 6 and 9 streets. The developer expects to receive permits to build by January 2023, with construction to begin in February 2023.

And the council agreed to move forward with a $475,000 purchase of property at 437 NW 2 Avenue owned by the Shirley J. Farris Family Trust. The purchase was initiated by Farris, but many issues make the buildings unsafe, so the CRA will demolish the three self-contained living units. ARC’s purchase price is $15,000 less than the appraised value of this 16,203 square foot land.

Imagine what McNab House Botanical Gardens might look like. [CRA]

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