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New products

Sony launches the C-80 microphone for home studios

Sony Electronics’ professional audio division has announced a new microphone for home studios, the C-80, a unidirectional condenser microphone. According to the company, the new microphone is ideal for vocal/voice recording, instrumental recording, vlogging, webcasting and podcasting. It inherits technology from Sony’s C-800G and C-100 microphones. With this, it makes high-quality sound even more accessible.

Main features of the C-80

  • The C-80 uses the microphone capsule derived from the C-100 and a two-piece anti-vibration metal body structure used in the C-800G. Thus, it inherits the essence of these two industry standard models.
  • The double diaphragm configuration suppresses sound changes with distance (proximity effect) and allows greater stability in the vocal recording process.
  • The “noise canceling construction” developed for the C-800G/C-100 prevents acoustic vibrations from the microphone body. This results in low noise and clear sound.

C-80 sound characteristics

  • Tight, rich midrange pickup delivers a vocal sound with a clear core and presence. Thus, it allows vocals to stand out even when mixed with other instrumental sounds.
  • Realistic reproduction of an instrument’s characteristics, such as the sound of guitar strings and body resonance.
  • It enables natural and clear voice recording by suppressing low frequencies and noise near the microphone.

“The C-80 builds on Sony’s heritage in professional audio, providing users with an affordable introductory model that incorporates high-end professional features,” said John Studdert, Head of Multimedia Solutions at Sony Electronics.

He adds: “With unparalleled sound quality and thoughtful construction, the C-80 is a great addition to any audio enthusiast’s microphone collection and a perfect complement to Sony’s full range of professional audio technologies.

The C-80 will be available in November in the United States and Canada. It thus joins the range of professional audio products from Sony. These include the MDR series of headphones, wireless microphone systems as well as portable field recorders.

Audiovisual projects

Navori Labs powers digital menu board content for El Pollo Loco

Exterior of El Pollo Loco restaurant.Digital signage software company Navori Laboratories contributed to the QSR and fast casual community with a new enterprise-level rollout for El Pollo Loco, the fire-grilled chicken restaurant chain. El Pollo Loco has successfully deployed Navori QL digital signage software to power digital menu board content in 150 locations to date.

The company can now efficiently update prices and content in a short time. At the same time, it provides a more attractive visual experience when customers place orders.

Choose Navori Labs

The primarily Southwestern US chain said it needed a more reliable solution for dynamic content updating and visual display after mixed results with on-premises infrastructure.

“It worked well for initial testing on a few sites, but we ran into brick walls when it came to integrating dynamic content and videos, and the effort of managing an automated system. -built became more complex with each new site,” says Clark Matthews. , Vice President of Information Technology, El Pollo Loco.

He adds, “We looked at some open-source systems that reproduced visual content well, but had the same issues with dynamic content and software reliability. We then looked at commercial solutions. And in the end, Navori overcame all of these challenges while understanding our business model. They align very well with our brand and the customer experience we aim to provide. »

Immediate improvement

Navori’s QL Content Manager effectively centralized content management across all sites in the network. There was an immediate improvement in translating dynamic price changes right to the point of sale, as Matthews explains. He configured a JSON interface that allowed QL software to overlay local restaurant prices onto digital menu boards.

“With QL, we just add the menu item number for the locations where we want the new price population to occur,” Matthews points out. “We don’t need to touch anything inside the store environment. This includes new in-store promotions, which we call modules, which require more comprehensive menu card design changes. Navori’s feature made this very easy.

Provide dynamic and engaging content

Menu card El Loco PolloThe QL software feeds content to three landscape screens (55, 60 and 65 inches wide) inside each restaurant. Hundreds of these locations have an additional portrait preview board that runs in-store promotions and advertisements. These tables display a mix of dynamic HTML5 content, static images, and partial static images with videos inside the content.

Matthews opted for Navori QL StiX media player dongles for content playback. QL StiX players ensure exceptional video quality that meets the channel’s customer experience standards. However, it also removes any need for local management. In addition, it streamlines the technical architecture inside the stores. This then removes the need for standalone hardware drives.

“We simply connect the dongles to the appropriate display input and can update content remotely if needed,” says Matthews. “We don’t have to replace sticks or manage anything at the store. If we upgrade our displays to 4K, QL StiX players can support the higher resolution without any change.

Explore other opportunities

Going forward, Matthews plans to leverage QL’s content scheduling capabilities as they explore more day-to-day dispatch opportunities. This, he says, will simplify how they promote certain meal options and offers at different times in the business day cycle.

Matthews is also optimistic about QL’s seamless interoperability with third-party data sources. According to Matthews, this will open up endless possibilities for integrating with internal enterprise systems and pulling digital signage content from external sources.

Additionally, he finds QL’s content triggering and automation applications particularly interesting. “Navori enables the addition of digital triggers to entries that will serve different content when a customer enters the restaurant, based on that customer’s characteristics if we choose to add these types of features,” notes Matthews.

He then adds, “It adds a level of intelligence which, along with audience analytics, will be appealing to our marketing department. For example, the preview board could focus on the main message we want each customer lane, with QL then triggering more customer-specific content.

“We are still exploring and discovering all the capabilities now in our hands,” he concludes. We are just grateful that we are no longer limited.”

people and places

SurgeX Adds Jeff Mackey as Technical Expert for Sales Team

Portrait of Jeff MackeySurgeX appointed Jeff Mackey as Sales Application Engineer effective immediately. In this role, Mackey will support the SurgeX team as the internal technical expert for the entire product line, supporting sales, training and customer success in all markets.

Mackey is an AV professional who holds numerous industry and manufacturer certifications, including the AVIXA CTS-D Certification for AV System Design. He also brings to the SurgeX team over four decades of dynamic AV experience in the corporate, integration and hospitality markets.

“Jeff has made a name for himself in the AV space with his impressive overview of engineering roles and certifications. His lively energy and AV expertise will make him an invaluable addition to the SurgeX team,” says Steve Trunkett, Director of Global Sales at SurgeX.

Trunkett adds, “He has made a name for himself as an expert in the field with the number of different engineering roles he has held as well as the range of certifications to his name. His personality and professionalism will help us continue to provide dealers with the resources they need to increase sales, profitability and efficiency in their businesses.

Trace an impressive career

Mackey’s career began with a nine-year stint at Disneyland. There he worked as an audio-visual specialist and attractions manager. Mackey then held various technical positions for Swank Audio Visuals through its acquisition by Kelso & Company. Later, he held various engineering positions for leading audiovisual companies. He also retained an adjunct faculty role at his local community college at the time. More recently, he completed his tenure as Director of Engineering for E1 Audiovisual Technologies.

Mackey expresses his excitement for the new role. He adds, “It’s important to me that technology systems deliver the experiences that customers expect. And SurgeX gives me the opportunity to use my experience and expertise to deliver that value.

Draper announces major expansion

Draper building exterior planIn response to continued growth, draper, inc., announced a major expansion that will add 20% to its central Indiana headquarters. The addition of 100,000 square feet will bring the total size of the facility to over 500,000 square feet.

“We see a lot of good growth opportunities. And this building will allow us to continue to care for and meet the needs of our customers,” said Draper Company President Chris Broome.

He adds, “Additionally, from a supply perspective, we will be able to maintain a better inventory of fabrics and other components. This will allow us to be more responsive to the needs of our customers.


Draper currently employs more than 700 people who all work in nine buildings on the headquarters campus. Broome also expects the construction of a tenth building to create 25 to 30 new jobs upon completion. According to the company, the completion of the project is scheduled for the end of next year.

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