Blake Shelton’s Net Worth (2022) and ‘The Voice’ Salary

Blake Shelton’s net worth comes from a few different sources of income, but The voice is, without fail, why most people know his name and the source of most of his annual income.

The “Home” singer announced on Oct. 11, 2022, that he was stepping away from NBC’s ratings juggernaut after season 23.

Don’t cry for Shelton’s bank account, though: He’s got Grammys, hit songs, a restaurant, a ton of endorsements, and even the most hotly contested Sexiest Man Alive title of all time.

Find out the country crooner’s net worth and how he earned it, plus how his cash flow matches his wife’s Gwen Stefani and ex Miranda Lambertrespective earnings.

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How did Blake Shelton become famous?

Blake Shelton was born in Ada, Oklahoma, and showed signs of being a musical prodigy at a young age. He started singing as a child and first learned to play the guitar when he was 12 years old. He wrote his first song at 15 and started playing bar circuits in his hometown long before he could legally drink, and when he graduated from high school at 17 he moved to Nashville. to pursue music full time.

Shelton was signed to Giant Records in 2001, and in April he released his debut single “Austin”, which went to No. 1 on the country charts. His self-titled debut album was released in July 2001 and spawned several hits, including “Ol’ Red”, which Shelton considers his signature song.

What is Blake Shelton’s net worth in 2022?

Blake Shelton’s net worth is estimated at $100 million in October 2022.

Although much of Shelton’s income comes from The voice (more on that later!), he also earns a lot from his live performances and album sales. Shelton also leverages brand endorsements, including deals with Pizza Hut, Pepsi, Land’s End, Gildan, Smithworks Vodka and Walmart, to name a few. rolling stone also reports that Shelton sold his catalog for $50 million in 2021, which would certainly increase his net worth in a big way.

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Who is the richest manager The voice?

The three richest coaches in the history of The voice are Shakira (with an estimated net worth of $300 million), Pharrell Williams (with an estimated net worth of $250 million) and Ariana Grande (with an estimated net worth of $240 million). With regard to the current harvest of Voice coaches, Gwen Stefani takes the cake with an estimated net worth of $160 million.

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Who is richer Gwen Stefani or Blake Shelton?

At this point, Stefani is richer than her husband. The former No Doubt singer is worth around $60 million more than Shelton. It’s because she’s had her hand in so many pots: her work with No Doubt, her solo endeavors, her residency in Las Vegas, her clothing lines, her fragrances, her cosmetics endorsements, her own makeup line. , its line of glasses… There is a plot branding involved with the blonde beauty!

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Who is more Blake or Miranda?

Shelton is worth around $100 million. That’s about $40 million more than his second wife, Miranda Lambert. Lambert’s estimated net worth is $60 million, much of which comes from his music and touring, as well as his Pink Pistol boutique in Lindale, Texas, and bar Casa Rosa in Nashville. She also owns a clothing and lifestyle brand called Idyllwind and has a sponsorship deal with Chrysler Trucks, Cotton Inc. and her own brand of wine.

How much does Blake Shelton earn per gig?

Some reports claim that Shelton brings in as much as $1 million per gig. However, it is important to remember that ticket revenue is split in many ways: promoters, venues, production staff, management, booking agents, etc., all get a share. This means that while it’s an incredible sum and nothing to shake a stick at, Shelton isn’t actually taking residence one million dollars per live performance.

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How much does Blake Shelton earn per year?

Shelton’s annual income varies depending on the projects he takes on and whether he is touring or releasing a new album. That said, during his tenure at The voicewhen combined with album sales and other income, Shelton reportedly averaged around $30 million.

How much does Blake Shelton earn from The voice?

Shelton reportedly earns $13 million per season on The voice. Considering he’s appeared in every season of the show so far, Shelton earns around $26 million a year from The voice alone, and because he has the most victories in Voice story, he can also receive bonuses for it. That said, his earnings for the show were likely much lower at the start of the seasons.

While that’s a huge amount of money, for the prospect, Grande eclipses his salary with $25 million per season.

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How much does Blake Shelton earn per season? The voice?

Shelton reportedly earns $13 million per season on The voice, without counting the possible bonuses that he could receive for the notes or for an artist of his team winning the competition.

How much does Blake Shelton make per episode of The voice?

Shelton earns $13 million per season from The voice. With each season having 26 episodes, that means Shelton earns $500,000 per episode. That’s about as many wise cracks as he delivers in an hour, so it’s on track!

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