Brunch recipes to turn your home into a thriving cafe

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This Middle Eastern favorite involves cooking the eggs in an earthy paprika tomato sauce, lightly spiced with chili and bell pepper.

falafel pancakes

Falafel lovers, here is another way to eat one of your favorite foods! In this version, the ingredients are mixed together and cooked into fluffy pancakes, served with pickles, fresh arugula and tahini sauce.

Mushrooms on parmesan toast

A splash of brandy, thyme, sour cream and a few other toppings give these mushies on toast a real kick.

Canadian Maple Buttermilk Pancakes

These traditional Canadian pancakes are so thin and airy you can eat three without feeling too full. The trick is not to overwork the dough.

Almond and Coconut Maple Granola

Full of crunch and flavor. Feel free to substitute the nuts of your choice with almonds and pecans and serve with the fruit of your choice – poached or fresh. For a vegan option, serve with plant-based milk and/or yogurt.

Breakfast vegetables, fried eggs and tahini

The seeds and nuts you expect from your breakfast muesli get a tastier side, in Shane Delia’s Greens and Egg Breakfast Fry.

Blueberry Muffin Smoothie

Blueberries are little nutritional powerhouses. They’re the star of this vibrant smoothie, which uses fresh, freeze-dried berries. Each style adds its own texture and variation on blueberry flavor.

Bacon and egg roll with HP style sauce

Need to run away somewhere? It will be a perfect on-the-go breakfast. Just have the HP Sauce pre-made, for a super quick, high protein meal. And of course it can also be an all day burger.

Bankruptcy of the bakery

Adam Liaw’s method for cleaning up stacked bread: a wholemeal savory bread pudding with ham, cheese and spinach for a tasty breakfast.

Lobster omelette

It will be a fun and luxurious brunch option for special weekends to surprise your loved ones. Served with a simple curly salad.

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