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The family is at the heart of the food truck Cajun Seduction. Run by husband-and-wife duo Kenneth and Anastasia Ligè, the truck offers carefully curated cuisine based on Louisiana traditions.

Valentine’s Day 2020 was the start of the business.

“We decided to do a Valentine’s dinner, like $50 a plate. And we sold more than 100 plates. So when I saw this idea, I was like, well, we’ve got something here,” Kenneth says.

When he was fired soon after, he turned his full attention to Cajun cooking. With an MBA, Kenneth brings his expertise in business and management, while Anastasia, who holds a degree in culinary arts, brings the know-how of the kitchen to the table.

The recipes themselves are family heirlooms. Kenneth grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and his family’s okra recipe dates back at least five generations. Other recipes have come from trial and error.

“Some of the recipes were made by mistake,” he says. “I was just trying to cook for my wife and mom when we came up with the seafood macaroni. I made the shrimp and lobster inside and [Anastasia] didn’t like it too much, but she liked this idea, so she shaped it until it was now.

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The current iteration of seafood mac and cheese features a six-cheese sauce over noodles loaded with shrimp, crab, and crayfish.

The truck offers other Cajun classics like po’boys and shrimp and grits. The Muddy Mississippi Po’Boyz includes fresh catfish fried or blackened on a Hoagie roll with lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeño and a tempting remoulade sauce.

“The way I see our restaurant is that we don’t want burgers or hot dogs; anyone could do it,” he says. “It takes a special skill to cook the crawfish with the crab and understand the different seasonings, different textures and different flavors.”

Kenneth would like to dispel a common misconception about Cajun food -tFood is not about searing heat or spice, but rather about depth of flavor.

“A lot of people think Cajun is really spicy,” he says. “It’s not always the case, but it’s seasoned pretty well.”

The community has responded to this depth of flavor with strong support. The truck has developed business partnerships with companies, schools and hospitals. The birria tacos he makes on Tuesdays and Saturdays have won him legions of fans. And for Kenneth, interacting with those fans is his favorite part of the business.

“We try to provide great customer service and just see people smile,” he says. “The past two years, it’s just been good to see people.”

Check out the food truck’s Facebook page to see where you can get some of this Cajun comfort food.

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