CBD health and wellness products available at Tish Fletcher and Thrive Wellness Lounge for men and women

Tish Fletcher and Thrive Wellness Lounge is a Black-owned beauty and wellness brand that offers holistic and alternative solutions for weight management and mind-body wellness. The online store offers bath bombs, salts, aromatherapy products, e-books and edibles.

According to announcements posted by Tish Fletcher and Thrive Wellness Lounge, Alabama men and women who want to live healthier, happier lives should check out the line of health and wellness CBD products in this store. Thrive Wellness Lounge also operates a physical store at 5528 First Avenue South, near where the Woodlawn Cycle Café used to be.

Coach Tish Fletcher was driven to explore and understand the health benefits of CBD after experiencing extreme pain due to a medical condition. Her research into effective alternatives to conventional painkillers led to the opening of her holistic CBD salon. Its customers appreciate the analgesic and soporific properties of the quality CBD products available at the store.

Tish Fletcher is the recipient of a $25,000 prize in Prosper’s Magic City Match contest. She built her business with the help of the Woodlawn Urban Main program. She was featured on Foundr’s Entrepreneur Stories Podcast. Prior to opening the Thrive Wellness Lounge, she founded a CBD brand FLETCHER + REESE, to provide men and women with an alternative to conventional medication for pain relief and health.

The The well-being The range of products available at the Thrive Wellness Lounge includes Total Life Changes items, such as detoxifying tea and weight management products. Tish Fletcher also offers a tried and true 15 day detox challenge; it has already helped many people become energetic and lose weight. Tish Fletcher is a Certified Behavior Change Specialist and CBD Coach.

For more information, visit https://www.fletcherxreese.com/

Tish Fletcher of Tish Fletcher and Thrive Wellness Lounge said, “I get countless questions about CBD. I want your experience with CBD to be the best it can be. I believe anyone interested in CBD should be equipped with the knowledge they need to make the most informed decision.

People take CBD for many reasons, and each person who takes CBD has their own unique needs. This means that there is no standard serving size that fits all. In addition to reason, someone might choose to take CBD. Factors such as age, weight and gender should also be considered. When starting out on a regular CBD diet, most people find that it takes a bit of experimentation to find the perfect serving size that meets their needs. However, with some testing and tweaking, it won’t take them long to figure out exactly how much CBD is right for them.

If the milligram content you start with isn’t giving the results you expect, increase the dose until you find that sweet spot. Physiological changes are another consideration; the body’s endocannabinoid receptors change with age. The serving size of CBD should take these fluctuations into account.

Weight is usually the starting point for judging serving size. Higher body mass requires more CBD, but that’s just a rule of thumb, and things may work differently for different people.

About the company:

Thrive Wellness Lounge aims to provide quality CBD products for health and wellness. The company’s website aims to be a resource of reliable and actionable information about CBD and related products. Its mission is to help curb the obesity epidemic in Alabama.

*Products listed are THC-free and/or Farm Bill 2018 compliant.

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Website: https://www.fletcherxreese.com/

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