Celebrity Beyond goes beyond Edge & Apex Design

For the first time in the lifecycle of Celebrity’s Edge Class ships, the line has been able to make significant changes to reflect passenger needs. Celebrity Beyond is longer and one deck higher than Celebrity Edge or Apex, and has larger spaces for popular venues, plus a new restaurant and bar.

“Throughout the Edge design process, I remember often thinking this ship was going to be amazing, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was a little bigger so we could create even more amazing experiences? for our guests,” said the Chairman and CEO of Celebrity. Lisa Lutoff-Perlo at the ship’s inaugural ceremony. “We really wanted to improve the series and the guest experience.”

Le Voyage restaurant on Celebrity Beyond; Celebrity Cruises photo

New restaurant and bar
One of the biggest changes to the series is the addition of Le Voyage restaurant run by star chef Daniel Boulud, located just off the Grand Plaza. The gourmet restaurant is hidden behind an oversized automatic door (to reduce noise from the atrium) and features white tablecloths, fine china, and crystal. The fare is French, with an emphasis on steak and shellfish. The intimate venue incurs an additional $75 per person, or diners can indulge in a five-course tasting menu for $125.

In order to make room for the upscale restaurant, two 33-foot sections were added to the front and back of the Grand Plaza in a Lutoff-Perlo move called the “Harry Stretch” – named after Harri Kulovaara, Executive Vice President of Royal Caribbean Group. and new construction. The stretch also allowed the line to significantly expand the Martini Bar, which Lutoff-Perlo says turned out to be the hub for the two previous Edge-class ships.

The current Martini Bar has been moved to the center of the Grand Plaza, surrounded on three sides by three tiers of tiered seating divided into smaller sections to give the whole space an intimate feel that is still in the middle of everything.

“It’s full all the time,” she told a news conference aboard the ship. “It’s the heartbeat of the ship.”

A little further from the atrium is the World Class Bar, one of the line’s most popular drinking spots, making its first appearance on an Edge-class ship thanks to passenger demand.

Sunset Bar & Resort Deck Extension
Anyone who’s been on Celebrity Edge or Celebrity Apex knows how small Sunset Bar is. This was wonderfully corrected on Celebrity Beyond. (It’s actually 180% larger than on Edge and Apex.) In addition to a larger center area, two raised fenders have been added, making it by far one of the nicest places on board. In fact, Royal Caribbean Group President and CEO Jason Liberty said at the press conference that it was his favorite spot on board.

The Resort Deck is also longer, giving the Rooftop a bit more room to breathe. Additional alcoves have been added and moved away from the center of the roof, which is now used exclusively for garden-style games or watching movies on the big screen.

A cantilevered swimming pool spanning the side of the ship has also been added to the resort’s deck and has already proven to be one of the most popular spots on board.

The Retreat terrace on Celebrity Beyond
The two-deck Retreat sundeck; Celebrity Cruises photo

Sun terrace with two decks and more
Also bigger on Celebrity Beyond is The Retreat’s suite-only enclave with more suites added, a larger Luminae restaurant and, for the first time, a two-deck Retreat terrace (because, as Captain Kate McCue at the press conference, “Hashtag Size Matters.”) The two-level terrace features cabanas, cozy seating areas, new water features and an outdoor retreat bar.

The Fine Cut Steakhouse has also been expanded.

The walls of the Club have been opened up to add large windows that let in natural light, making it easier to host daytime events. The upper level of the space has been reconfigured into small private areas, each with a screen so groups can watch what’s going on below without issue.

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Rozella J. Cook