Collins Aerospace enlists Filipino industrial design students for a hackathon

Collins Aerospace, the industry leader in aerospace and defense products, enlisted young Filipino innovators from De La Salle-College in Saint Benilde to develop and design aircraft cabin proposals.

The young innovators and industry experts of the Benilde Industrial Design Program

The hackathon challenged students from the School of Environment and Design (SED) industrial design program to create cabin interiors for an Airbus A320.

Under the mentorship of Collins Aerospace Engineers and experts and educators from Benilde’s Industrial Design program, candidates were brought together to create space product systems and platform solutions.

Based on the given problem statement, participants were tasked to submit proposals with consideration to ergonomics and creative spaces. A design outline, concept sketches, and proof of concept were also required.

To prepare for the main competition, the students visited the brand new SkyArt aircraft cabin facility at the Benilde School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management (SHRIM). They were also treated to an exclusive tour of the facilities and manufacturing plant located at Collins Aerospace headquarters in Batangas.

Industrial design students Benilde Justin Osorio (left) and Mikaela Asuncion

Entries were evaluated on novelty, feasibility, usability, business impact and meeting specific requirements by a list of specialists, including Collins Aerospace Chief Industrial Designer Glenn Johnson, Director Engineering Executive Sabharish Seenivasen, Head of Engineering Luisa Carmen, Engineering Project Manager Grothian Paguyo, Fellow for Mechanical Design Mark Dowty.

They were led by Jorainne Razal, certification engineer and project manager.

Team Halo, consisting of Benildeans Josh Habal, Duke Habal and Luke Habal, emerged victorious. They were guided by Professor Patrick Sunico.

Team #0047AB, consisting of Mikaela Asuncion, Justin Osorio and Laurence Hernandez, under Mary Nobleza and Team Raptors, namely Camilla Reyes, Trisha Caralian and John Dence Flores, guided by President of Industrial Design Romeo Catap Jr. finished second .

The partnership has opened up degree and internship opportunities for all learners in Benilde’s industrial design program.

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