Cookbooks and Recipes by Montana Authors

From award-winning restaurant chefs to rural ranch cooks, Montana authors have written fantastic cookbooks.

Photo by Shayda Torabi on Unsplash

Photo by Shayda Torabi on Unsplash

Montana is full of exceptionally talented chefs, including James Beard Award winners and nominees. But we’re also home to many home recipe makers and those who have carried on the warm traditions of Montana for many generations. It really is the best of both worlds. The modern and the old-school. Experimental and traditional.

There are so many Montana-based cookbooks that we couldn’t list them all here. But we’ve scoured the shelves for some of the best, old and new. A bit of everything, if you want. NOTE: Some of the cookbook authors no longer live in Montana, but we made sure there was a Montana connection.

If there’s a Montana cookbook you like that we haven’t included, please let us know. The best recipes are the ones you get from your friends, right? In addition to our curated list of cookbooks, you can find additional information about specific authors and publications here:

Montana Cookbooks from Montana Authors: Cooking and Recipes

Montana chefs and home cooks deliver award-winning recipes that are distinctly Montana. Cookbooks can be found on just about every type of culinary dish, from bison barbecue to many gourmet recipes. Good food and hearty recipes have been a Montana tradition for generations.

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