Cost of living: Morrisons cuts prices of 52 ‘key’ Christmas products

Items are seeing a spike in sales as Christmas approaches and will be kept at a Lower price until the end of the year.

Products include cranberry sauce, foil and stuffing and all see their sales increase by more than 50% from mid-November until Christmas.

To make price reductions, Morrison is investing over £3million as customers seek help to cut and spread the cost of Christmas.

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Sweet treats such as ground meat pies and trifles are included in the cuts along with the key ingredients needed to create seasonal baked goods such as ground meat, raisins, glazed cherries and pastry, and of course, with the cream to serve them.

Bournemouth Echo: Morrisons slashes prices of over 50 popular Christmas productsMorrisons slashes prices of over 50 popular Christmas products (Picture: Morrison)

Other chilled items include shrimp, dips and flavored cheeses, while roast potatoes, carrots and sprouts are some of the freezer favorites that have been priced down.

Cupboard loads such as peanuts and jam have also been reduced and customers can avoid any Christmas Day disaster by stocking up on batteries now, as AA and AAA variety packs are included in the price reductions.

The festive cuts announced today are in addition to the 150 prices Morrisons slashed and froze in September on cupboard staples and frequently purchased items including chicken breasts, mince, bread, baked beans , chopped tomatoes, potatoes and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Everyday essentials like toilet paper and cereal and freezer items like fish fingers, fries and pizza have also been reduced and remain at lower prices.

David Potts, Managing Director of Morrisons, said: “These festive price cuts relate to key seasonal products which we know customers buy more at this time of year due to the important role they play in the celebrations of Christmas.

“We understand that our customers are having to make tough choices right now about what items to put in their baskets and so we’re working hard to help them when it comes to doing their festive shopping.”

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Rozella J. Cook