Creative coworking spaces around the world for design enthusiasts

Shared office spaces around the world have come a long way since their creation, as “Hackerspace”, by a group of computer engineers in Berlin, in 1995. Now you can find shared creative coworking spaces in many cities that are redefining the office environment.

Most coworking spaces offer digital nomads, small businesses and even employees, without having private offices, an economical and collaborative workspace. Plus, you meet like-minded people.

While incredible amenities, including a productive atmosphere and high-speed internet, are alluring, what really inspires is the sheer beauty of the particular coworking space. Whether it’s a beautifully painted plaster ceiling adorned with brass fixtures that define opulence, a naturally lit meeting room or black metal casement glass partitions and walls that give a industrial vibe – the shared office spaces are carefully designed to support the thriving community of distance professionals.

We have described some of the most beautiful and creative coworking spaces around the world that you can see, while visiting the city for work or networking.

Here are some creative coworking space layout ideas to delight you

Crew Collective & Cafe, Montreal

Image credit: Crew Collective & Café/Facebook

Crew collective and coffee is not just a cafe, located in the iconic Royal Bank building, but a stunning 12,000 square foot space, housing 100 coworking seats and meeting rooms.

While the enigmatic building was built between 1926 and 1928 for the Royal Bank of Canada by York & Sawyer, a New York architectural firm, it was redesigned by local architect Henri Cleinge. You can still see some old world elegance that has been preserved. It features a beautiful marble floor, stained and plastered ceiling which is adorned with brass fixtures and brass wickets.

Added opulent details, such as a beautiful marble countertop and the cleverly integrated brass-plated steel boxes, bring sophistication to the space.

Interestingly, each workstation comes with comfortable chairs and other prerequisites, which include access to private rooms, large conference tables, as well as a safe to store valuables.

Along with enjoying the design of this historic office space, you can sip incredible coffee from Dispatch Coffee in Montreal and Kaito Coffee Roasters in Hudson, Quebec. You can also savor a few flavors from their various dining options, from pastries to a set lunch menu.

Founded in 2012, Crew is a Montreal-based technology company and creative agency. It aims to connect freelancers and clients for business opportunities or projects. Inspired by the thriving community of freelance professionals, the company decided to open Crew Collective & Café in May 2016.

Ministry of News, Mumbai

Image Credit: Ministry of New/Facebook

This design-driven co-working space in Mumbai, India paves the way for inspiration, productivity, safety and comfort. It comes with a main workspace of 2,200 square feet, which features an eclectic mix of huge wooden tables, private desks with ergonomic desk chairs, and is adorned with plenty of plants. The natural skylight accentuates the look of the area.

The space also includes eight private bedrooms, which can easily accommodate four to ten people. In addition to being fully furnished, each room has a large window that lets in natural light.

The library has comfortable sofas, coffee tables and a large old-fashioned kitchen, creating a relaxed setting for an informal meeting or a reading session. Add to that the interesting collection of international books and magazines that find their place on the shelves here. You can also go to the balcony to get some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful view of South Mumbai.

Ministry of News was founded by Dutch co-founders Marlies Bloemendaal and Natascha Chanda, for creatives, freelancers and professionals who want to partner with an international creative agency. It was also ranked the second most beautiful coworking space in the world, by Forbes.

.andwork Shibuya, Tokyo

Image credit: andwork/Facebook

from Japan .and the work is a classic example of an “office as a third location”, as it offers the comforts of home in an exceptional coworking space.

Located inside The Millennials Shibuya, you can enjoy hotel amenities without being a guest. For example, you can take a refreshing nap in one of the hotel beds whenever you feel the need to take a break.

.andwork is spread over two floors and has a large and bright co-working space on the third floor with a flexible layout for events and banquets. The space also includes dedicated desks, sofas, private phone booths and a terrace.

In the lobby on the 4th floor, you can see a living room, a well-equipped kitchen and several meeting rooms, which ensure a relaxed working environment and a wonderful place to network.

NeueMaison Bradbury, Los Angeles

creative coworking spaces
Image Credit: NeueHouse

Another coworking space located inside a historic masterpiece, the Bradbury Building, is NeueHouse Bradbury in Los Angeles.

Built in 1893, the building is famous for its epic, light-filled atrium and detailed ironwork and has been featured in films like blade runnerTV shows and music shows.

Spread over 25,000 square feet on the second floor, the shared office space was redesigned in 2020 by DesignAgency as a “cultural home for creators, innovators and thought leaders”.

Some of the modern features include workspaces, private studios, phone booths, lounges, conference rooms, a wellness room, and a cafe and bar.

However, the agency also retained some historic features like the exposed wooden ceiling joists, 11-foot-tall oak-framed windows, and brick chimneys, making it one of the finest and best coworking spaces in the world, for remote professionals.

Make lemonade, Toronto

creative coworking spaces
Image credit: Make Lemonade/Instagram

This new coworking space, designed by MMNT Design, covers an area of ​​3,000 square feet and is specially designed for women.

The walls are painted in bright colors and are accented with inspirational wall quotes. The coworking space also features chic desks, ergonomic chairs, and private phone booths covered in AstroTurf synthetic carpeting, giving it a playful and feminine look.

Additionally, there are plenty of private meeting rooms that are beautifully lit and decorated with lemonade-themed murals and wallpapers with bright palm tree prints.

The kitchen is equipped with a Smeg refrigerator and a hexagonal tiled floor printed with quotes such as “Be Nice”.

Men are also allowed to work here as long as they support Make Lemonade’s feminist ideology.

make lemonade was founded in 2017, when its founder Rachel Kelly longed to connect with other colleagues as a freelancer. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and open a coworking space. And since its launch, Make Lemonade has found its name in Forbes, Fashion Magazine, Toronto Life and Living in Canada.

Dojo Coworking Space, Bali

creative coworking spaces
Image credit: Dojo/Facebook

Dojo in Bali is one of the most amazing coworking spaces that offers a flexible and productive workspace for freelance professionals. It’s just a one-minute walk from Echo Beach and attracts remote workers from around the world.

This beautifully designed two-level building is surrounded by lush gardens, making it a peaceful atmosphere in which to work.

Inside, you’ll find plenty of air-conditioned meeting rooms as well as tight, open spaces that accommodate both individuals and teams. It also has a swimming pool in the coworking premises.

Founded by Michael Craig, Dojo Bali is a community of talented people looking to “collaborate, inspire and motivate each other and build something dedicated to a larger purpose”.

East Room, Toronto

creative coworking spaces
Image Credit: EastRoom/Facebook

If you are looking for industrial and vintage inspiration, you should visit this amazing coworking space. It was founded in 2014 for people looking for culture, support and a strong community for their professional life.

Located in the Riverside district, East Room was a former jam products factory, now featuring a contemporary mix of vintage and industrial intricacies. The 8,000-square-foot space on the third floor has black metal casement glass partitions and walls that are accented with leather chairs, sofas, and other antique furniture.

Additionally, design enthusiasts will certainly be amazed by the exposed brick walls, worn wooden floors as well as warehouse windows and wooden beams.

Even more, the kitchen and living areas are designed to evoke a cafe atmosphere.

(Main and featured image credit: Crew Collective & Café/Facebook)

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