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The Scottsdale Design Review Board has recommended board approval for what the owner says is a five-star restaurant called Fiesta in Scottsdale’s entertainment district near Camelback Road and N. 73rd Street.

La Fiesta, also known as Calle Rosa, is designed as a three-story restaurant and bar on a 0.37 acre site.

The first level will provide parking for 26 vehicles and a reception hall. The second floor would house the restaurant and the third floor would house what the developer calls a “speak easy” bar.

The DRB first considered the Fiesta case on August 28, but suspended it to resolve some issues.

He said the building’s design was flawed, there were noise reduction issues at the front of the building and a lack of lighting at the rear.

The developer addressed the issues by adding lights to the rear and conducting a noise study at the Flint restaurant at 24th Street and Camelback Road which it says emits a noise similar to what the Fiesta can get. wait to produce.

“Probably overestimated projected noise levels are well below the recommended design goal,” the study concluded. “Furthermore, the projected noise levels are significantly lower than the existing average ambient noise level. They are even below the minimum measured ambient sound levels.

A glass wall outside the restaurant that would dampen noise was discussed at the previous meeting, but was not included in the approved request last week.

The developer said it wasn’t included because it wouldn’t actually dampen the noise.

However, council unanimously recommended that council approve the project stipulating that a two foot wall of glass be built on the second floor patio with openings to allow air circulation as well as adjustments at the parapet of the elevator.

Sonny Kirtley, executive director of the Greater Scottsdale Council, called for a glass sound barrier and canopy on the third floor and for sound-absorbing materials to be included on the back wall of the bar patio.

None of this was included in the council’s action.

Concerns were also raised about whether the project would be a nightclub instead of a bar or what it might become if the restaurant were sold.

But these matters are not within the purview of the board.

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Rozella J. Cook