Design renderings unveiled for Forma Skyscrapers project in Toronto, Canada

New images of the Forma skyscraper project to be built on King Street West in downtown Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario in Canada, have been released. The images were released by Frank GehryCanadian-born American architect and designer.

With interiors of Paolo Ferrarian award-winning interior designer known for designing commercial, restaurant and bar and contemporary furniture, the Forma project will consist of two towers, a 298 meter high west tower and a 262 meter high east tower.

Look for construction leads

Falling just below the 300-meter mark for super-tall skyscrapers, the West Tower is the tallest building ever designed by the Los Angeles-based architect, topping his own 76-story residential skyscraper in Manhattan, 8 Spruce St.

When completed, Forma Skyscrapers will house luxury condominiums as well as the extension campus of the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD).

The latest insight into the design of Forma skyscrapers

This latest iteration of the project, which has been in the works for nearly a decade, features two towers with staggered blocks that stack on either side of the voids. The voids give each tower the appearance of having several distinct parts. Each tower has two material schemes, creating a contrast that defines the towers. Smooth, reflective glass surfaces will be combined with a stainless steel cladding that features sculptural folds that give the facade an undulating appearance.

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There are bands of glazing between the blocks to emphasize the rambling visual effect of the towers. Throughout the various conceptions of the development, Gehry insisted that the towers represent what makes Toronto unique. He also revealed images of the east tower lobby, which he designed taking inspiration from the Group of Sevena group of well-known Canadian visual artists.

The lobby features limestone walls and Scandinavian-inspired furnishings. The ceiling will be adorned with a Gehry-designed installation featuring a metallic “shimmering maple leaf pattern”. The border, also shows some of the other interior spaces of the towers, which were designed by local architect Paolo Ferrari. The wood-paneled Creators’ Club, which has a structural ceiling with recessed lighting, is one of several Ferrari-designed amenity spaces. Its Grand Suite design features a light-colored living room with double-height ceilings and rough stone accents.

Project development

The original tower design, announced in 2012, called for three towers with slightly different shapes. These were updated in 2013 to include ribbon-like wraps that wrapped around and connected the bases of the tower. After residents and city officials expressed outrage over plans to demolish a theater, Gehry narrowed the design down to two towers in 2014.

The project was sold in 2017 by original developer, art collector David Mirvish, to Great Gulf, a developer who said he would complete the project in conjunction with Westdale Properties and Dream Unlimited. The developers said they hope to complete the project by 2028.

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