Easy and fun Korean food recipes by famous Korean chef Paik Jong Won

Have you ever wanted to try Korean food but have no access to nearby Korean restaurants? Want to try that food that makes your mouth water on your favorite K-drama or entertainment show? Korean cuisine is always an absolute delight; however, sometimes it’s hard to do with all the ingredients involved. Koreans are SERIOUS about their food.

Well – fear not, because the god of Korean food Paik Jong Won has his own YouTube channel where he shares fun and easy recipes that even a clumsy person can make. Paik Jong Won is known for his shows.

“Paik Jong Won’s Food Alley”

“Paik Jong Won’s Food Truck”

And his appearances on “Ma Petite Télévision”

Through these shows, he practically reformed Korean restaurant culture. Her recipes are easy to follow and they’re finger-licking good. So let’s check out some of her easy-to-follow k-food recipes that will leave your stomach happy and full!

Korean Street Toast

Be sure to check out the three variations of the toast you can make – whether you want to keep it simple or whip up a feast, this is how Koreans make their toast!

Tofu Mapa

Did you think Mapa Tofu was a difficult dish to prepare? You can do it in five minutes with this recipe! They call these “rice thieves” because it goes so well with a hot bowl of white rice!


Kimbap is a huge cuisine in Korea, and it’s also a great snack. Unfortunately, the preparation of the dish takes longer than it looks, but Paik is here to give you the easiest recipe of all!

Tteokbokki (spicy rice cake)

Another Korean staple that’s perfect for any type of occasion – yes, it’s the one you’ve probably seen on any Korean drama or entertainment show. It is one of the most beloved Korean snack dishes in the country!

Army Stew (Boodae Jjigae)

Another traditional Korean dish that gets a lot of love is army stew. It’s Korean-style jjigae with spam, sausage, and just about any kind of meat you want!

Spam Mayo Kimchi Rice

This is a super easy recipe to make – all you need is spam, mayonnaise, kimchi and rice. This one is great for late snacks or just if you’re too lazy to cook!

Seaweed soup (Miyeok Gook)

It is a tradition to eat this delicate soup on your birthday in South Korea – if you have someone’s birthday coming up, try cooking this soup for them, and they will be touched!

Fried sausages

A super easy side dish to make, this one is loved by kids and adults alike. It’s also great anjoo (bar food), and you won’t regret making this one!

Paik Jong Won truly has the hands of a god when it comes to Korean cuisine. It pretty much provided the recipe for every Korean dish you might want to make. Although we’ve only shared seven recipes with you today, be sure to check out her other recipes whenever you’re craving Korean cuisine, and you’ll be set for success! What is YOUR favorite Korean dish that you would like to make from this list? Is there a special recipe that Paik introduced that wasn’t on this list? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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