Fender Katsalidis helps revitalize satellite city of Melbourne


Completion of Fender Katsalidis’ EastCo has been achieved, with the 10-story building becoming a key part of Ringwood’s transformation.

Comprising 28,000m² of Class A office space, EastCo is one of several ‘featured buildings’ in Maroondah City Council’s master plan.

Fender Katsalidis manager Craig Baudin said the firm was honored to help shape Ringwood’s evolution as an active and vibrant urban center.

“Eastland is already a large mixed-use neighborhood, and the development of EastCo as a major new work supply is a major boost for diversity and downtown life,” he says.

“The ground floor is treated as a place of exchange and interaction, the entrance to the offices, the café and the co-working space enhancing and promoting this synergy of uses.

Three facade treatments are fused across the exterior material palette, with bronze-look cladding, glass and concrete. The upper form of the workplace floors is glassy, ​​soft and elegant, with a highly textured podium expression below.

“The form of the building is a framing element of Eastland’s town square, providing a dynamic addition to Eastland while respecting the scale of the neighborhood,” said Baudin.

EastCo is located close to Ringwood Train Station, Eastland Shopping Center and Maroondah City Council Building. Extensive end-of-trip facilities, a ground-floor cafe, and four-level parking top the list of amenities.

Fender Katsalidis manager Nicky Drobis explains that the building was designed to reflect the surrounding built landscape.

“EastCo is an elegant, sculptural building that stands proudly against the backdrop of Ringwood, rising from the crest of the hill while the curved plan responds gently to the streetscape path below,” she says.

“The horizontal bands wrap the north and south volumes of the building, which are articulated in different ways to suit their orientations, maximizing views for tenants while providing adequate solar protection.

QIC Real Estate was the developer who commissioned Fender Katsalidis to design the building. Managing Director Michael O’Brien believes the completion of EastCo reflects Ringwood’s status as one of Melbourne’s premier satellite CBDs.

“The completion of EastCo advances our long-standing vision for the commercial and civic revitalization of Ringwood and represents a significant step forward in our long-standing master plan to make Eastland a true mixed-use downtown. for the East.

“Partnering with Fender Katsalidis has allowed us to raise the bar for thoughtful, future-ready workplace design, with the building now occupying a distinctive place in Ringwood’s skyline.”

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Rozella J. Cook