Helping Hands Pantry collects hygiene products in Wyalusing


Volunteers and businesses collect hygiene products for those in need throughout October.

WYALUSING, Pa. – Liz Terwilliger and volunteers from Bradford County want to make sure their local communities have access to hygiene products.

She, along with many businesses, is holding a drive through October to gather supplies.

“We were talking about things that people needed. There are food stamps if you need food, there is housing assistance, there is energy assistance, but hygiene products are something you people don’t think,” Terwilliger said.

All collected hygiene products will be stored in pantries.

There is one behind helping hands on Main Street in Wyalusing. But food pantries are spread throughout the county.

“Right now we have the pantry in Athens, which is behind Mad Hatter’s Cafe. Then we have a new location in Towanda, the YMCA is going to host one. Then we have people in Troy who want create one, so we are looking for a location in Troy,” Terwilliger added.

Each food pantry is run by volunteers.

With the prices of hygiene products rising, volunteers say people in need are using the pantries.

“We brought in a few people, and they are very grateful for everything we provide them, and they hope that in the future, they will not need any more help and that they will be able to support the guard. -eat,” Michaela Coolbaugh said. , a volunteer.

“We thought it would be an easier place for them in the back where no one can really see you, but you can still pick up your stuff if you really need it,” said volunteer Lori Vanderpool.

All products are free and all you have to do is show up and grab what you need.

There are many different items in every pantry.

“Things you need in everyday life, especially women, like feminine hygiene products are important. Deodorant, toothpaste and hair products. I think there are nappies and masks in there,” Terwilliger said.

Although the collection takes place in the month of October, you can still donate items throughout the year. You can find a list of drop off locations here.

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