How Upper Echelon Products’ Travis Killian is changing the game by focusing on the consumer

As millennials are slowly becoming the largest generational consumer demographic, brands need to be aware of their habits and sensibilities. In particular, millennials are buying goods online, through e-commerce tools, at a much higher rate than they buy goods in physical retail stores.

This means that any brand or business that sells goods and wants to survive into the future needs to secure “online storage space” on these e-commerce tools and figure out how to maximize their sales and marketing through social media. This is all the more true since, according to McKinsey , consumers seem less loyal than they have ever been, switching from one brand to another; businesses must be extremely focused on consistently delivering the highest quality and most valuable products possible in order to retain their customers. However, the upside for brands able to gain market share is vast, as many believe the e-commerce market will reach $5.55 billion by the end of 2022.

Travis Killian is an entrepreneur fully aware of these market trends. As one of the most prolific Amazon marketers in the e-commerce giant’s history, Killian understands consumer behavior, brand loyalty and e-commerce best practices. Believe it or not, Killian is among the selected 6% outliers who invest in market disruptive products and services before the age of 30. After committing to creating products that deliver measurable value to the end consumer and truly innovating and disrupting the market throughout his life, it’s no surprise that Killian is the founder of Upper Echelon Products.

Upper Echelon Products is an American company founded in 2015 in Austin, Texas, focused on providing consumers with world-class products and comprehensive customer service.

Upper Echelon Products, under the direction of Travis Killian, is the sole manufacturer and distributor of eight impressive top-selling products in a variety of consumer categories. The first product Upper Echelon Products launched was the Repel® Umbrella, an American-made umbrella with key structural changes resulting in a “2% improvement” in function. After the Repel® umbrella, Upper Echelon Products and Travis Killian took what they learned and created the innovative Rain-Mate® umbrella. Since shaking up the umbrella market, Killian and the team at Upper Echelon Products have been behind LumiLux Toilet Light®, Flux Phenom® Magnetic Screen Doors, Triton® Dog Leashes, Cafe de Chateau®, Le Chateau® wine decanters, and Everlasting Comfort® ultrasonic humidifiers, memory foam blankets, memory foam seat cushions and memory foam footrests. form.

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Rozella J. Cook