Introducing HDR’s New Headquarters in Sydney

HDR has moved into its new office space at the renovated 25 Martin Place, using the entire floor space of the 24th floor of the iconic Harry Seidler building to bring together its local architecture and engineering teams.

The office has an open-plan office layout as well as breakout areas, exercise and stress management rooms and programs, parent facilities, and lighting and air conditioning of high quality that put the well-being of staff at the forefront.

HDR Associate Director Max Navius ​​explains that the design process was created through a number of processes that helped define the needs and requirements of HDR staff.

“HDR is a global company, so there are global guidelines we need to follow. At the same time, there are also requirements from the teams of architects and engineers who come to a brief. The brief for the office was divided into collaborations and meetings and from there we strategized on how to come up with the design,” he says.

“We first looked at the identity of HDR and who we want to be as a practice. We looked at how architects and engineers collaborate, and that led us to create a number of open spaces for collaboration, as well as private meeting booths.”

Low VOC products, sustainable materials and repurposed furniture complement the existing heritage design language and underscore HDR’s commitment to sustainability.

“Our new office is a physical representation of our brand, our culture, and a place where our talent can come together to drive innovation and new ways of thinking about the built environment,” says Cate Cowlinshaw, senior director of the architecture at HDR.

HDR office in Sydney

Cowlishaw spearheaded the move to the new Sydney office alongside Garry Wall, managing director of HDR’s building engineering services.

Collaboration zones and contemporary design were design priorities for HDR’s new office. The layout includes six meeting rooms, four meeting nooks, two breakout rooms, a sample room, a design review space, a wellness room, 103 workstations, and impromptu collaboration spaces and planned.

The facade of the house is imagined as a reception area that includes a reception, an event space, meeting rooms, collaboration spaces and a kitchen.

“We want everyone to feel relaxed and start their day with a tea or coffee. For our customers, it’s like coffee,” says Navius.

HDR office in Sydney

Color was used to differentiate collaborative work areas from formal work areas, resulting in the company being shortlisted for the Dulux Color Awards. Blue is used for more public spaces, with white seen in private working quarters. The office has achieved a 6-star Green Star rating.

HDR is currently working on a number of projects in the research, education, defense and commercial sectors.

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Rozella J. Cook