Leaked Pixel Watch photos offer our best look at design, exclusive watch straps

Google’s long-awaited smartwatch just got its biggest leak yet

There’s a new torrent of Pixel leaks we have to reckon with, but this time, unusually, it’s not for a phone but a smartwatch. Evidence of the The existence of Pixel Watch and the impending announcement has leaked several times over the past few weeks, with today the upside-down cake being the most interesting.

A new report from Android Central claims someone came across a tech sample of Google’s next smartwatch in a restaurant somewhere in the US – details are vague enough to protect the source – but the person had the wearable in their possession long enough to get it take pictures from almost any angle imaginable. If the leaked images turn out to be real, they bolster design renders that have been floating around since December last year, when Jon Prosser’s FrontPageTech showed off a series of marketing renders that were reportedly shared with retailers. Earlier in December, Business Insider reported that the watch, codenamed “Rohan”, would be released in 2022.


This most recent set of images shows a rounded, almost bezel-less watch with a right-mounted rotating crown and a button nested above in the shiny stainless steel frame. While the size of the face is unclear, the watch appears to use a set of proprietary lugs for its watch straps, which will likely prevent it from being used with standard quick-release straps. Google-owned Fitbit has resisted supporting standard watch straps, arguing that its own quick-release mechanisms make it easier and faster for users to swap out straps for different scenarios such as fitness and sports. ceremonial clothes. It’s unclear if the bands shown in the leaked photos use the final design, but if they do, they appear to use a set of plastic “teeth” that snap into the watch case on either side.

Beneath the crown appears to be a microphone hole, and the back of the watch houses a sensor array that’s sure to include a heart rate monitor and possibly oxygen saturation and skin temperature sensors, similar to those found on the Fitbit Sense. It’s unclear how the Pixel Watch charges, but given the prevalence of Qi-based magnetic chargers in the industry today, from the Apple Watch to the Galaxy Watch line, it’s safe to assume that the Pixel Watch will offer something similar.

This particular unit appears to display the Google “G” logo, but apparently doesn’t boot into Wear OS itself. With Google I/O arriving just over two weeks away, it’s likely we’ll get our first look at the features included in the Pixel Watch’s upgraded Wear OS software.

Android Police previously reported that the Pixel Watch will be sold in Wi-Fi and cellular models with 32GB of internal storage and will be available in three colors: gray, black and gold. A more recent leak said the watch was released with Android Wear 3.1, a bump on the currently exclusive Galaxy Watch4 Wear OS 3.0 that we’ve been using since mid-2021. If things go well, the Pixel Watch could become one of the best android smartwatches available – even though it looks like this may be Google’s last chance to make it happen.

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