Markham restaurant owner pledges to check all produce after food poisoning incident – ​​Toronto


The owner of Delight Restaurant & BBQ in Markham, Ont., promises to carefully check all ingredients used in his dishes after several people were hospitalized after dining there last month.

An investigation by York Region Public Health determined that the illnesses resulted from potential aconite poisoning.

The health unit said one product, Mr. Right brand Keampferia Galanga powder, which is a spice commonly used in Asian cooking, may have been contaminated with the toxin aconite.

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Investigation underway amid reports of poisoning at Markham, Ont., restaurant

Aconitine toxin comes from the roots of the poisonous Monkshood plant, also known as Wolfsbane or Keampfeira.

After the incident, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency recalled the spice nationwide.

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Christine Hou, president of the Chinese Cuisine & Hospitality Association of Canada, who held a press conference at the restaurant on Wednesday, said the association wanted to “raise public awareness of food safety and labeling issues.”

“After the investigation by the public health department, we also investigated this incident,” Hou said.

Hou said the association had received photos of the galangal powder purchased by restaurant owner Yong Kang Liu, which appeared to have been mislabeled.

“For the entire food supply chain, not only the restaurant, but also the manufacturer, importer, distributor and supermarket, we want to call on all players in this food chain in this industry to pay attention serious about this type of problem,” she said. said.

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Hou said restaurant owner Liu spent half a million dollars buying the business, renovating it and preparing it to open in May this year.

He has worked as a professional chef at a restaurant in Toronto since 2003, but decided it was finally time to open his own restaurant to live his “Canadian dream”.

Hou said Liu put all his savings, hope and effort into opening Delight Restaurant & BBQ.

However, she said the incident had a “huge impact” on the restaurant.

Hou usually said in the middle of the afternoon, there is a line of customers.

However, after the incident, the restaurant experienced a significant drop in patronage.

She said that Liu “sincerely hopes this incident can go away and customers come back.”

Hou said Liu “always wanted to do a better job,” adding that he was committed to checking “everything he buys” and double-checking the products he delivered.

“(He) trains his entire team to verify and differentiate the good quality (of the products),” she said.

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Liu and his wife are also striving for “better service for customers,” adding that they are very grateful to their customers, Hou said.

The restaurant was temporarily closed following the incident and was re-inspected on August 31.

The health unit said the restaurant “passed inspection” and was cleared to reopen.

Markham Councilor Amanda Collucci said she was a regular customer of the restaurant, dining at the establishment at least once a week.

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“This restaurant has always been a very, very popular restaurant in my neighborhood here,” she said, adding that the food was “amazing” and the prices were “extremely reasonable.”

She said the service is fast although there is always a long queue.

“Obviously this incident really affected them negatively,” she continued. “But at the same time, I wanted to make sure that all residents, especially my local residents here, know that this was just an accident and had nothing to do with intent, or anything like that. “

“Their food is always clean, the service is really, really quick, and they always have really, really high quality of food,” Collucci said.

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She echoed Hou’s remarks, saying the blame shouldn’t lie entirely with Liu who purchased the product.

“It’s the whole supply chain,” she said, noting that food inspection and whoever mislabeled the product should share responsibility.

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