METRO extends its portfolio of red meat products with its own products

METRO, leader in wholesale trade in Romania for more than 25 years, constantly seeks to offer the best solutions for the success of its customers’ business, and the meat range is and will be a priority, in response to customer needs in the hospitality industry. those in the traditional trade, for whom the marketing of fresh meat products can be a real source of sales and profit growth.

In 2022, METRO is committed to ensuring a wide range of meats in its own production, both in terms of quality levels, from basic products to premium products, and above all by offering alternatives to guarantee customers professional portioned products, calibrated, ready to cook, with professional packaging, all designed to optimize the profit of the business they own.

The novelty of the season is the range of pork and mutton marinades, developed within Ștefănești’s own production center, which joins the products already available on the shelf: sliced ​​and calibrated pork, minced meat, small and sausages, beef portioned and graded. The meat center, METRO’s own production in Ștefănești was designed and developed to become a constant source of supply for entrepreneurs, and the products developed here reflect the experience and know-how of METRO, which, together with more of 40 million kilograms of meat distributed annually, is an indisputable benchmark for specific solutions for the local meat market.

„METRO’s commitment to supporting independent entrepreneurs in every way is the reason why we have invested time and a substantial budget in our own meat production center in Ștefănești, where we are constantly developing new assortments, adapted to each season and to changes in the market, intended to provide differentiation and profitability. We wanted a modern and spacious site with a high production capacity, which guarantees a constant flow of goods of the highest standards to our customers, to ensure their competitiveness at all times. METRO’s own range of meat products includes complete solutions, inspired by the activity, requirements and feedback of our customers and we are happy to be able to constantly improve it “said Adrian Ariciu, CEO of METRO Romania.

The range of marinades that can now be found on the shelves includes, among others, minced pork belly, marinated in black or lightly spiced garlic, marinated lamb pastrami stew, marinated pork neck , slightly spicy, or even minced pork neck, marinated, Maitre d’hôtel.

All the products developed within the own production unit within the logistics platform that METRO has in Ștefănești are obtained using state-of-the-art equipment, strictly observing all safety measures, from materials raw materials of first quality, elements that guarantee superior quality. of each item. At the same time, products from our own production line will be packed and packaged in ATM (controlled atmosphere packaging) so that the properties of the meat remain unchanged.

In addition, all products are designed according to the specificities and needs of HoReCa contractors and resellers.

High quality fresh beef adapted to the requirements of the hospitality industry

Another priority for the company is the beef assortment, expanded this year with a variety of cuts and whole pieces, professional packaging and various origins, the beef assortment being designed to cover the needs of any customer who owns a restaurant or event venue.

Beef, sparrow or musk, T-bone, Tomahawk, Picanha or Bavetta, of US origin, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Ireland, Romania or other EU countries, the beef products offered by METRO are varied, from the most common to basic restaurant menus, to premium meat, suitable for à la carte menus.

In addition, METRO welcomes professional customers with even more advantageous prices in the field of fresh products, now offering them a lower price according to the quantity purchased for a multitude of fresh products in the meat, fish, fruit and vegetable categories. These products are marked on the shelves with a green label.

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Rozella J. Cook