Nagad announces up to 22% cashback for the purchase of electronics, restaurants and lifestyle products during WC


Nagad has developed an instant cashback offer for the purchase of electronics, restaurants and lifestyle products during the World Cup.

Nagad customers can enjoy 22% cash back or discounts from 50 different brands in the three mentioned categories across the country on the occasion of the World Cup, reads a press release.

The offer under the “Payout Cholbe, Bishwa Cup Jombe” campaign (Payout will continue as the World Cup gets exciting) will be applicable for purchases from 20 electronics merchants.

Merchants include Xiaomi Bangladesh, Butterfly Limited, Ryans Computers, Best Electronics, Vision Emporium, Transcom Digital, MK Electronics, Vision, Minister, Vista Electronics, Electro Mart, Electra International, Jamuna Electronics, Excl E-Store, Techland, Dasel, Computer Cuisine, Next Communication, Esquire and Khan Electronics.

Any customer will be able to get the cashback as per the payment offer via Nagad app or by dialing *167# (USSD).

However, this offer can be used for purchase on Excel E-Store via Nagad online payment only. Each merchant’s policy will apply to the offer under this campaign.

In the lifestyle category, Nagad customers can shop at Sailor, U-Turn, Qrius, Gentle Park, MS Range Fashion, Smartex, Sports World, Bell Outfitters, Isra Fashion and Duranta. In this category, Nagad customers can get 20% discount or instant discount.

In the restaurant category, Nagad customers can enjoy another attractive 20% cash back offer by shopping at Shawrma House, Burger Express, Tasty Treat, Chef’s Table, BFC, North End, Chapwala, Cafe Bayezid, Cafe Café and Great Mughal. Nagad customers can take advantage of the offer from the restaurants own offer policies until November 15. Nagad customers can take advantage of the offer multiple times.

Nagad’s Commercial Director, Sheikh Aminur Rahman, said of the campaign offer: “The joys of the World Cup can increase if someone buys a new TV, orders food with their loved ones and buys clothing. Nagad wants to help customers easily purchase these products in any part of the country and save money. Nagad customers can get the deals nationwide from the three categories mentioned.”

During this campaign or at any other time, Nagad does not ask its customers to disclose their PIN or OTP code, which should not be shared with anyone.

If a customer fails to get the cashback during the campaign despite fulfilling the terms, they should submit a complaint through the Nagad hotline and the cashback will be paid out within 30 official days after the end of the campaign.

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Rozella J. Cook