New Day Cafe: National Design Awards 2022

-Nader Tehrani won the Design Visionary award. Some examples of his work.

Melbourne School of Design, 2014
RISD North Hall. Providence, RI. 2019

-Wedew by David Hertz won the Climate Action award. A description:

“Designed by architect David Hertz, WEDEW is a self-contained, transportable and sustainable water and power generator that converts biomass into essential human resources. WEDEW operates at the intersection of food, energy and water and carbon transformation. Biomass gasification and atmospheric water generation processes have been combined in a single system that creates valuable resources while closing waste streams. WEDEW extends systems thinking beyond the container to entire communities. It functions as a resilience hub enabling the formation of micro-networks and micro-economies. The biochar byproduct has long-term utility for regenerative agriculture while sequestering atmospheric carbon, creating a nexus of goods, services, and resource distribution. WEDEW can successfully produce over 2,000 liters of water in 24 hours at the cost of half a cent per litre. WEDEW creates renewable energy and potable water, and waste heat is recovered for refrigerant-free cooling while democratizing clean water in a small-scale distributed overall solution. Through its work in its Environmental Architecture Studio, Hertz strives to reduce the impacts of the built environment on the most vulnerable communities and the natural world.

-The Product Design Award was won by the CW&T team. Here is a 2013 example of Rotojam, a manufacturing process they developed to create thin rotary castings.


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