New Products of the Week: Eggnog and NFT Iced Tea


This week’s handful of new products saw Nutpods and Chobani get into the winter holiday spirit, Wize Tea making its first foray into NFTs and Manzanita celebrating Día De Los Muertos.


Gatorade has teamed up again with artist Glen Infante for their new LTO: Citrus Kick. The new flavor is part of the brand’s Fuel Tomorrow initiative to create equal opportunity in sports. The packaging, designed by Infante, features vibrant colors and a punch symbolizing unity to create change. Citrus Kick is now in stores and online nationwide. For more information, visit

Aura Bora

Sparkling water maker Aura Bora is getting into the Halloween spirit with its latest limited-edition launch, Honey Pumpkin. Plant-based sparkling water comes in a 12 oz. box that features scary cartoon bats on a background of fall foliage. For more information, visit

Owen’s Craft Blenders

Owen’s has expanded its line of mixers with the addition of Espresso Martini Mix. The dairy-free drink, created by mixologist Gregory Innocent, is available at Kroger nationwide for $13.99 per 4-pack. For more information, visit


New York-based Chobani is getting a head start on the winter holidays with its two new seasonal offerings: Peppermint Moka Coffee Creamer and Oat Nog Oatmilk. The former contains cream, cane sugar, peppermint, and chocolate and is available for $5.49 per 24 oz. cardboard. The latter is a dairy-free version of the classic holiday favorite and is available for $4.99 per 32 oz. cardboard. Chobani will also launch a limited edition Gingerbread Oat Coffee Creamer and Coffee Cold Brew with Peppermint Moka Oatmilk. For more information, visit

sage tea

Wize Tea has teamed up with muralist President Ting to launch a limited-edition NFT collaboration. Limited-edition cans feature Ting’s Billion Buns collection with unique Planet Bananas characters. According to the brand, each box is an NFT and there are only 150 boxes in total. For more information, visit


Nutritional shake maker Soylent has unveiled two limited-edition flavors: Cafe Latte and Gingerbread. Both seasonal offerings contain 20 grams of plant-based protein and contain 28 vitamins and minerals per 14 oz. bottle. Soylent Cafe Latte and Gingerbread nutritional shakes are available online for $45 per case of 12. For more information, visit


Plant-based creamer brand Nutpods is bringing back its annual seasonal winter collection with flavors of peppermint, holiday nog and pumpkin spice. The Nutpods Winter Collection Pack, which contains an 11.2 oz. carton of each flavor, is currently available online for $14.95. For more information, visit

Red Bull

In anticipation of the winter season, Red Bull has launched its Winter Edition Fig Apple flavor. The limited edition offering will be available in 8.4 oz. cans in single serve and 12-pack formats, in addition to 12 oz. spruce-colored cans. Red Bull Winter Edition Fig Apple will be available at select retailers nationwide starting October 31. For more information, visit


APRCH has expanded its range of CBD sparkling waters with its new flavor, Fruit Punch. The new offering features artwork by traveler Jess Mudgett who was inspired by her love of open spaces across the West. Like all APRCH flavors, Fruit Punch is calorie, sugar, sodium, and caffeine free and contains 25mg of broad-spectrum hemp per 12 oz. box. APRCH Fruit Punch is available at select retailers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Wisconsin and Illinois. For more information, visit


Eggo has partnered with craft distillery Sugarlands Distilling Co. to launch its Eggo Nog Appalachian Sippin’ Cream. The drink is a rum-based liqueur that features aromatic notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. According to Eggo, the drink was formulated to pair “perfectly” with its thick, chewy waffles. Eggo Nog Appalachian Sippin’ Cream i (20% ABV) will be available at select retailers nationwide. For more information, visit

Organic remedies

Just in time for cold and flu season, Remedy Organics has unveiled its new Wellness Shots. Available in four varieties – Heal (ginger and turmeric), Protect (elderberry and cayenne) Energize (matcha, ginger and L-theanine) and Digest (apple cider vinegar and ginger) – shots are designed to be taken anytime throughout the day to support well-being. For more information, visit

fever tree

Fever Tree has expanded its line of cocktail mixers with Blood Orange Ginger Beer. The new offering has been specifically formulated to combine with “unique bourbon” characteristics to create a new twist on the Kentucky Mule, according to the brand. For more information, visit

King Kongin

Multivitamin energy drink maker King Kongin introduced two new offerings: Mango Pineapple Multivitamin Energy Drink and Kongin Ade Fruit Punch Multivitamin Drink. The first contains 160 mg of caffeine per 12 oz. box. The latter is a caffeine-free multivitamin drink that contains 100% natural fruit juice. Both drinks are available on Amazon for $29.99 per 12-pack. For more information, visit

C4 Active Nutrition

C4 has expanded its pre-workout product portfolio with two new sports formulations: C4 SuperSport and C4 Ripped SuperSport. The first – available in Fruit Punch, Blue Razz and Watermelon – contains 150mg of caffeine per one scoop serving. The latter – available in Fruit Punch and Arctic Snow Cone – also contains 150mg of caffeine per serving. Both new pre-workout powders are available online and at Walmart stores nationwide. For more information, visit


To celebrate Día De Los Muertos, Manzanita Sol launched its Celebrar y Recordar campaign. For the campaign, the brand tapped Mexican artist Totoi Semerena to design limited-edition packaging for Manzanita Sol, Pepsi Real Sugar and Crush sodas. For more information, visit

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