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Clémentine gnocchi are part of the recipes presented in San Antonio cooks

Alamo City veteran food writer Julia Rosenfeld publishes a cookbook featuring over 80 recipes from notable local chefs and cocktail gurus.

San Antonio cooks (Figure 1 Publishing) will be released on November 22, featuring recipes from culinary powerhouses including Kristina Zhao of Dashi Sichuan Kitchen + Bar, Jennifer Hwa Dobbertin and Quealy Watson of Best Quality Daughter, Clementine’s power couple Elise and John Russ, and Steven Pizzini, owner of Lala’s Gorditas.

Click to enlarge San Antonio Cooks is available for pre-order now.  - Courtesy photo / Publication of figure 1

Courtesy photo / Publication of figure 1

San Antonio cooks is available for pre-order now.

Rosenfeld, who also owns culinary travel company Food Chick Tours, sought to include a wide range of San Antonio flavors, from Mexican street corn and barbacoa to beef shank to Asian dumplings and cream pie. chocolate banana.

“The diversity of our restaurants reflects San Antonio’s friendly and inclusive culture,” Rosenfeld said in a press release. “These are some of my favorite restaurants, and some of the most passionate chefs you’ve ever known. I’m thrilled that Figure 1 gave me the opportunity to share their stories and recipes with a wider audience.

Click to enlarge Author Julia Rosenfeld's career includes fourteen years as a restaurant critic.  - Courtesy photo / Publication of figure 1

Courtesy photo / Publication of figure 1

Author Julia Rosenfeld’s career includes fourteen years as a restaurant critic.

Rosenfeld’s career includes 14 years as a restaurant critic for outlets including San Antonio Magazine, Zagat and the San Antonio report. She was also a writing professor at the Culinary Institute of America in San Antonio. In 2014, Rosenfeld co-wrote her first cookbook, Texas Hill Country Cuisine: Flavors of the Cabernet Grill Texas Wine Country Restaurantwith Chef Ross Burtwell.

Today, in addition to writing, she introduces foodies to the city’s chefs, artisans and producers through her seven-year Food Chick tours.

San Antonio cooks is the latest in the award-winning City Cooks series from Vancouver-based Figure 1, which has produced similar collections such as Miami cooks, Phoenix cooks, Seattle Cooks and Portland Cooks.

San Antonio cooks is now available for pre-order at $32.95 through Amazon and Barnes & Noble ahead of its on-sale date.

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