Shopper shares the best own-label versions of popular products to cut £20 off your food bill


With the cost of living crisis many people are looking for ways to save a little money and one savvy shopper has shared his best deals.

Tom Church, who is the co-founder of the savings community, shared some of the best own-label versions of popular supermarket products. He found cheaper alternatives for a number of top brands, including Cadbury, Heinz and McCain’s.

He said he had changed his shopping habits to mitigate the effects of soaring inflation and the cost of living and was now sharing his best advice with others. Tom said: “I have noticed that although the price of many products has gone up, there are still some great deals to be found. Doing your homework before going to the supermarket can save you a lot of money over time. .”

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The mirror has collected some of the best deals reported by Tom.

Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings

Was £2; Now £1.50, vs ASDA Just Essentials Yorkshire Puddings, 50p (save £1.50)

Tom said: “As the weather gets colder, we are turning to comfort food to get through these chilly nights – and a staple here in the UK will always be a classic roast dinner.

“Right now you can grab a reduced 10-pack from £2 to just £1.50 – and it’s cheaper than any other supermarket!

“If you really want to save, ASDA has an even better deal as they have a 15-pack of Yorkshires in their Just Essentials range for just 50p.”

Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Was £4.75; Now £3, vs Aldi Gianni’s cookie dough ice cream, £1.75 (save £3)

Tom said it can be hard to justify paying for branded products when costs are skyrocketing.

“Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream is something I would never pay full price for. At £4.75 it’s just not worth it!” he said .

“I recommend finding the best price with the supermarket comparison tool – when I tried I found B&M were selling it for just £3 in store at the moment.

“If you want even more bang for your buck you can go down to Aldi and buy Gianni’s cookie dough ice cream – it’s a bargain at just £1.75.”

McCain Slow Baked Jackets

Own-brand jacket potatoes are best for those on a tight budget

was £3.25; Now £2.25, vs Aldi Four Seasons Ready Baked Jackets, £1.65 (save £1.60)

A coated potato makes a quick, cheap and easy meal – and luckily Tom found plenty of ready-made potatoes.

Tom said: ‘I found a great deal in Iceland as they have a reduced McCain four pack from £3.25 to £2.25.

“The best option on a tight budget is Aldi’s own brand. They’re only £1.65 and I think they taste exactly the same!”

Cadbury hot chocolate

Was £3; Now £2, vs Tesco Stockwell Hot Chocolate, £1.02 (save £1.98)

Thousands of people will be rushing to get a cup of steaming hot chocolate as winter approaches.

Tom said: ‘It won’t be long before winter and Christmas menus are unveiled in cafes across the country.

“The Costa Christmas menu is available from November 3 – but it’s easy to rack up a big bill over time if you make a habit of buying them.

“Instead, why not make your own at home? I compared a few supermarkets and found ASDA had the best offer for Cadbury’s hot chocolate at the moment as it went from £3 to £2.

“However, if you want to save a bit more, head to Tesco and pick up their Stockwell & Co hot chocolate for just £1.02.”

Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Asda's own ketchup range costs just 42p
Asda’s own ketchup range costs just 42p

was £1.70; Now £1, vs ASDA Just Essentials Ketchup, 42p (save £1.28)

This much-loved closet staple can be yours for as little as 42p according to Tom.

He said: ‘I was delighted to see that the Heinz brand has been reduced in Iceland from £1.70 to 75p – if your family is consuming ketchup as quickly as mine, savings like this go a long way difference!

“And, if you’re not picky about brands, you can save even more. ASDA has a bottle in its Just Essentials range for just 42p – and you get more than double the amount!”

Cadbury Mini Rolls

was £2.50; Now £1.50, vs Sainsbury’s mini rolls, 99p (save £1.51)

Snack lovers will be delighted to hear that mini chocolate rolls are on offer at Iceland and Sainbury’s.

Tom said: “Cadbury Mini Rolls are a great snack. They’re so easy for packed lunches or when you’re on the go. Iceland has the 10-pack reduced from £2.50 to £1.50 at the moment.

“A secret tip though, if you don’t mind Cadbury chocolate, go for Sainsbury’s own – they’re only 99p a packet!”

New York Bakery Bagels

was £1.75; Now £1.25, vs Aldi Plain Bagels, 79p (save £0.96 )

“If you’re a fan of bagels, ASDA has reduced New York Bakery’s from £1.75 to £1.25 at this time.

“However, I found an even better deal at Aldi – their regular bagels are only 79p. I always go for those, and you really can’t tell the difference!” said Tom.

Chicago Town Cheese Stuffed Crust

was £4.50; Now £3.25, vs Tesco Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza, £2.40 (save £2.10)

For Brits looking to cut back on takeaway expenses, these pizzas offer a tasty and much cheaper alternative.

“Saving on takeout is another easy way to cut your food bills,” Tom says.

“Chicago Town pizzas are a guilty pleasure so when I saw that ASDA had reduced their cheese stuffed crust pizzas from £4.50 to £3.25 I just had to take a few.

“Plus, if you want to save even more, Tesco has theirs for £2.40. Not only do you save an extra 85p, they even have a stuffed crust – so you won’t feel like you’re missing out! He added.

Mr. Kipling Cherry Bakewells

Was £2.35; Now £1, vs Aldi Cherry Bakewells, 95p (save £1.40)

Tom said: “So far I’ve shown you how swapping big brands for supermarkets can save you some extra cash. However, this is not always the case – so it is always worth checking.

“Here is a great example. I recently picked up a pack of Cherry Bakewells from Mr Kipling from Poundland. They were only £1 which saved me £1.35 compared to the Morrisons.

“However, the Aldi equivalent was 95p, so there’s not much difference. If you fancy some Mr Kipling cakes, you might as well spend that extra 5p!

Nutella 750g

Was £5.25; Now £4.50, up from £1.50 Icelandic Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (save £3.75)

Chocolate lovers will be delighted to know they can get their hands on a big jar of Nutella for a whole lot less this winter.

“If you or the kids are Nutella lovers, you’ll know it can be quite pricey. Buying a bigger pot is usually cheaper because you get more for your money. said Tom.

“Many will be happy to know ASDA has reduced it for the time being, from £5.25 to £4.50. It’s a good saving, but it’s still more than I’m willing to pay!

“I kept looking and found some supermarket brand chocolate hazelnut spread in Iceland. It’s £1.50 for a smaller tub, but still over £1.50 cheaper – and it tastes about the same in my opinion!

Tom says his list of supermarket best deals has already saved him nearly £20, which he says will be a significant sum over time.

He added: “Many of us are concerned about the rising cost of living, but there are ways to lower your bills.

“It costs you nothing to spend a little extra time researching the best prices in supermarkets – and you’ll see the difference when you walk up to the checkout.”

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