Skittle Lane opens its fourth cutting-edge designer cafe, this time in a new circular Quay Laneway hub


The husband-wife duo behind Skittle Lane, Jodie Foster and Dean Wooding, followed the success of their popular CBD, Bondi and Manly cafes by launching Skittle Lane number four. This comes seven years after the original Skittle Lane opened in the CBD. This time, they’ve brought the minimalist, edgy aesthetic they’re known for to the Quay Quarter Lanes area, on the outskirts of Circular Quay. It joins other recent arrivals in the neighborhood, including Kobo, London 126 and Bouillon l’Entrecôte.

Although the space is compact, with seating limited to a low wall inside and two seats up front, Foster says Large format Skittle Lane Circular Quay encourages a more European coffee drinking experience.

“You get up with your coffee and just have a chat,” says Foster. “I love it, it’s less formal. Everyone gets to know each other, it’s really cool.

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Circular Quay cafe was a long time coming – Foster, who previously worked in medicine, and Wooding, a builder-turned-barista, signed the lease in January 2020, just before the pandemic hit.

“The timing probably couldn’t have been worse,” Foster says. “We had to close the doors of our store in town – which is our bread and butter – for two years. It was horrible, and the opening of Circular Quay was delayed. We couldn’t wait any longer, we just had to open.

Skittle Lane’s full coffee offering is available at the new location. His signature house espresso is a “beautiful single-origin Colombian.” They don’t serve blends, but instead focus on buying premium green coffee. The menu is always rotating, with other single origins for filter, batch-brew, and pour-over. Iced coffee, an overnight brewed syrupy iced latte, and a cold brew are also on the menu. And there’s a chance, if you’re a regular at other Skittle Lane cafes, you’ll see a familiar face behind the counter.

“All of our staff travel to all of our stores. You know the coffee you’re going to drink will taste exactly the same no matter which store you go to,” says Foster. “We put a lot of effort into finding the right coffee.”

Food is to go – pastries, cakes, cookies and snacks.

The new store is a small triangle of only 15 square meters. It’s in the same minimalist vein as the other Skittle Lane cafes – and even shared materials with the Manly store, which is undergoing a revamp.

“In both places we used a lot of concrete, a lot of stainless steel, nice gray masonry blocks, and we just kept it really natural and organic,” says Foster. Walnut and oak wood is found throughout, and the lighting is handmade in New York City by Apparatus Studio.

Skittle Lane Circular Pier
6A Loftus Lane, Sydney

Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Rozella J. Cook