Square launches two new products for restaurateurs


based in the United States Square launched two new products to help Australian restaurateurs deal with staff shortages and increase operational efficiency.

The first product is Square for Restaurants mobile POS, which leverages Square Terminal to provide servers with access to an all-in-one point-of-sale solution for restaurants. The solution allows servers to directly share orders with the kitchen without having to resort to traditional pen and paper methods. At the same time, kitchen staff can use the solution to share alerts or information on product availability.

Other benefits include covering more tables by reducing the number of trips between the table and the static point of sale, as well as reducing errors and improving the customer’s dining experience. Ordering at the counter also creates more efficient service, which can lead to increased profitability.

According Report on the future of Square’s restaurants, 55% of restaurant owners rely on automation technology to address staffing shortages and improve operational efficiency. The same report found that 97% of restaurants that have introduced an online offering in the past two years in response to lockdown measures will keep them in place even after the measures are lifted. The services most likely to stay are takeout and delivery from third-party apps.

The second product is Square’s new menu import feature, which aims to reduce the time it takes to create menus in third-party delivery apps. The idea behind this feature is that by spending less time creating menus, restaurateurs can focus on other things such as improving service.

Other recent Square developments

In September 2022, Square partnered with UK payroll technology provider Sage to help small businesses take better control of their finances. Through this partnership, Square’s point-of-sale (POS) software will integrate with Sage Accounting, allowing customers using both products to transact business and accept payments online, in person or over the phone. The system is operational in Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In August 2022, Square integrated Clearpay in the UK to provide Buy Now, Pay Later functionality to sellers across e-commerce and in-person. The integration has enabled Square sellers in the UK to offer a BNPL solution that allows customers to pay in four interest-free installments over a six-week period while merchants are paid on the spot.

For online purchases, Clearpay will now be integrated as a payment option into Square Online’s payment system. This gives sellers the opportunity to improve their average purchase size, increase cart conversion, and attract more customers.

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Rozella J. Cook