Starfleet Innotech’s Gorgeous Coffee and Epiphany Manuka Honey products are now available for purchase on Amazon US


Starfleet Innotech, Inc.

NEW YORK, Oct. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Starfleet Innotech, Inc. today announced that select products from its F&B division are now available to North American-based customers through Amazon US. These products include New Zealand Wonderful 5 in 1 coffee (an instant coffee product under the Gorgeous Coffee brand), New Zealand Plungy Gorgeous Ground Coffee (a medium roast coffee bean product under the Gorgeous Coffee brand) and New Zealand Epiphany Manuka Honey (a Manuka honey product under the Epiphany Cafe brand).

This development was made possible by a US-based distribution partner, Triple traders, an import company regularly cited as a top seller on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Prior to these products going live on Amazon, customers eager to try Gorgeous Coffee brand’s classic whole bean coffee packs early could purchase them at eBay as well as directly via the Triple Traders website. According to Triple Traders, these whole bean packs have already sold out in their first week. These products will soon join the rest of the range on Amazon.

“We are very pleased to carry Gorgeous Coffee and Epiphany products because we value premium products – and that is precisely what it is,” Triple Traders representatives announced. “We are pleased and look forward to developing a strong relationship with Starfleet Innotech in the years to come with their product lines.”

New Zealand Manuka honey, considered the best in the world, is a popular and energizing superfood with a distinct earthy flavor and health benefits such as antioxidants, probiotics and antibacterial support . Customers based in North America can now enjoy these delicious benefits at home with Epiphany Manuka Honey.

Similarly, Gorgeous Coffee Co. 5 in 1 instant coffee has its own wellness benefits. The product is a healthy blend of premium Robusta coffee, Manuka honey, barley grass, non-dairy creamer and Stevia. In addition to the benefits of Manuka honey, the instant coffee blend claims to aid digestion, reduce inflammation, and boost immunity with its barley components.

For coffee lovers, New Zealand Plungy Gorgeous ground coffee is a medium roast blend of organic and fair trade beans that brings the best flavors of New Zealand straight to your morning cup.

“As we continue to expand into new regions, I’m thrilled that our customers in markets like North America can finally try the products that have made Epiphany Cafe, Gorgeous cafe, and our other F&B businesses are so successful throughout the Asia-Pacific region,” said Starfleet CEO Jeths Lacson. “We are confident that our coffee and honey superfoods will serve as fantastic ambassadors for the kind of delicious, quality F&B experiences that Starfleet is already championing around the world. We can’t wait for you to try them all.

5-in-1 Magnificent New Zealand Coffee, Magnificent New Zealand Ground Coffee and New Zealand Epiphany Manuka Honey are now available for purchase on Amazon via the Triple traders showcase.

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Starfleet Innotech, Inc.. (OTC: SFIO) is a global investment holding company focused on innovation through disruptive collaborations across its three key sectors: food and beverage (F&B), real estate and technology. With a strong presence in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and the Philippines, SFIO makes strategic investments in high-growth companies, creating synergies across its diverse portfolio to deliver maximum shareholder value. Guided by tradition, driven by innovation and enabled by collaboration, SFIO is on a hyper-growth path to build a thriving global business ecosystem, shaping the future of its core industries.

About Triple traders

Triple traders, located in the Chicago metropolitan area, specializes in online retail and distribution in the United States. Their storefronts showcase the most unique niches of imported products such as perfumes, scented housewares, exotic coffees from around the world, world famous teas, and specialty import snacks and desserts. Triple Traders is also proud to be one of Amazon’s top 10% sellers, with tens of thousands of positive reviews, hundreds of thousands of sales, and an incredibly fast shipping process.


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