SuperValu encourages Irish shoppers to shop sustainably by buying Irish produce and supporting locals in June for Irish Food Guarantee Month

  • Research shows the majority of Irish people (89%) think buying local can help the environment
  • 77% of Irish shoppers believe it is important to buy sustainable products
  • In the past year, 76% of Irish people say they have recycled more, 69% say they have reduced their use of single-use plastic and 68% say they have reduced waste in their homes.

SuperValu, is partnering with Guaranteed Irish to encourage shoppers to shop sustainably, buy Irish and support local produce in June as part of Guaranteed Irish Food Month. The call comes as new research shows the vast majority (89%) of Irish people believe buying local can help the environment, while 77% of Irish shoppers believe it is important to buy sustainable products.

Over the past 12 months, shoppers say they have actively increased their efforts to reduce their impact on the environment, with three-quarters of people recycling more (76%), 69% reducing their use of single-use plastic and 68% reducing garbage in their homes. . Some 84% think it is important to buy products in sustainable packaging.

The new study found that three-quarters of people (76%) prefer to buy more sustainable products whenever possible. More than two-thirds (69%) say they have made a more conscious decision to buy more sustainable products in the past 12 months.

Almost two-thirds (63%) of Irish shoppers have purchased more locally produced goods in the past 12 months. Buying Irish products is not only important for the local economy, it is also positive for the environment. Some 89% of respondents think buying local is good for the environment, while more than half of shoppers say low food miles are an important consideration when shopping (58%).

When asked what environmentally sustainable actions by companies they valued, a third of respondents said waste reduction (33%), a quarter said using sustainable packaging, 14% said reducing carbon footprint, while more than one in ten (13%) say they protect and support biodiversity.

Ray Kelly, Marketing Director, Musgrave Retail Partners, said:

We are at a moment in history when we must act to ensure the transmission of a sustainable world to future generations. It is heartening to see the importance the Irish place on shopping in a sustainable way. At SuperValu, we invest time, resources and finances to become a more sustainable company. We have had a zero food waste to landfill policy for over 15 years, we have recycling rates of 97% and over 90% of the plastic packaging of our own-brand products is now recyclable.

Although we still have work to do in this area, we are also focused on supporting and developing sustainable Irish producers. The survey results prove that shoppers are making a conscious decision to buy sustainably and see Irish and local produce as the most environmentally friendly. At SuperValu, we are committed to providing our customers with more sustainable choices. We recently launched the Taste of Local initiative, which showcases hundreds of small Irish food and drink producers in stores across the country, while SuperValu’s Food Academy program for food and drink producers in the start-up phase supports 320 Irish food and drink producers, 52 weeks a year.

Buying local and buying Irish has many sustainability benefits, choosing products with as little packaging as possible to reduce food miles. In June we encourage shoppers to shop Irish and support local produce, whether it’s your local food producer, shop or cafe for Irish Food Guarantee Month.

Speaking about the launch, Bríd O’Connell, CEO of Guaranteed Irish, said:

We are delighted that SuperValu is once again supporting Irish Food Guaranteed Month in June. 365 days of the year, SuperValu encourages customers to choose sustainable Irish produce that supports local food producers and local jobs. By buying Irish produce, consumers are actively stimulating the multiplier effect and helping to build sustainable communities – every €100 spent in the local economy is actually worth €500 to that same local economy.** This new study highlights highlights the commitment of Irish people to reduce their carbon footprint and shop local. We encourage customers to continue to buy more Irish produce, not just for the month of June, but throughout the year, so we can all contribute to a greener future, while supporting the local economy. .

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Rozella J. Cook