Tasty Mushroom Recipes to Try This National Mushroom Day


Is there anything better than a mountain of buttered mushrooms on a thick slice of sourdough toast? We think not, however, if you love your mushrooms, we’ve found the perfect excuse to join forces with your fellow mushroom lovers to honor them.

Saturday, October 15 is National Mushroom Day, reminding us to honor the mighty mushrooms in our lives. Whether you’re a mushroom grower, café owner, or just a humble admirer, Saturday is the day to shout your love for mushrooms from the rooftops and celebrate everything about them, from their mind-blowing health benefits to that great taste. unmatched.

If you’re wondering how best to demonstrate your fierce appreciation of edible mushrooms, it’s by sharing this deep love of Australian mushrooms with the world. Share your most explosive mushrooms on toast recipe with the hashtags #NationalMushroomDay, #MyMushroomToast and #AustralianMushrooms, along with all the cooking tips and plans you have for the big day.

Want to add some mushroom toast recipes to your repertoire? Australian Mushrooms has you covered. Discover their mouth-watering culinary creations, pesto mushrooms with poached eggs and mushroom hollandaise sauce on toast with herbed cottage cheese. Our personal favorite has to be the drool-worthy roasted mushrooms on toast with grilled halloumi and balsamic glaze – try it now and thank the mushroom gods later.

There’s so much more to National Mushroom Day if you’re a cafe owner and love brittle mushrooms. Australian Mushrooms is running a food service competition where your cafe could win $10,000. To enter, simply create a signature mushroom on a toast dish with the heroic White Agaricus Cup Mushroom and share it on your social media using all the details you can find on here.

For all the National Mushroom Day details, go to here. Now go ahead and delight mushroom lovers, and may your toast always be brimming with doughy goodness.

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Image credit: @thejuicesmith, Australian Mushrooms

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