The ambiente trade fair returns in 2023 with the latest interior design trends


the stage is set for ambiente 2023

Anticipation is building after an enforced two-year hiatus for Ambiente, which runs February 3-7, 2023. The leading consumer goods trade show returns to Frankfurt, Germany, for five days of product showcases, trend detection and networking. The fair is intended to be a melting pot for designs spanning all things living: home, dining and work.

Ready for the return? More information about tours, exhibitors and awards can be found here.

Leading Consumer Goods Show Returns to Frankfurt, Germany February 3-7, 2023

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After his forced break, Vibe returns in 2023 with retailers, designers and professional buyers yearning for a live, physical experience more than ever. A source of inspiration, the show maps market developments with a view to the future. It is a meeting place for buyers and retailers; an opportunity for interior designers to research new features for hotels, restaurants and coworking spaces; and a chance to experience high-quality design, furnishing concepts and the latest trends in person.

The ambiente trade fair returns in 2023 with the latest interior design trends
Retailers, designers and professional buyers can again present, buy and network in person

three fairs in one at frankfurt mass

Ambiente 2023 introduces a completely new layout to enrich the experience for exhibitors and visitors. The structure has been optimized for efficient ordering, inspiration seeking and networking. This is while coinciding the fair with Christmasworld and Creativeworld at Messe Frankfurt for a joint attraction. For example, trending gifts, fast-moving items, decorative accessories and more are stationed near Christmasworld to complement its offerings.

The ambiente trade fair returns in 2023 with the latest interior design trends
Local and international exhibitors set to debut in 2023

The show is renowned as the primary market destination for consumer goods, particularly in home furnishings, but other major home segments are featured. These explore major themes such as sustainability, new work and the digital expansion of commerce and future retail. For 2023, the future of work is a key focus, as the work-life balance of the pandemic continues to reshape our interiors and the resurgence of offices. A large stage is set up for cooking, accessories and baking. The exhibition area reveals restoration treasures, ranging from household kitchen utensils to electrical appliances and decorative glassware.

The ambiente trade fair returns in 2023 with the latest interior design trends
Dining treasures are a big priority for 2023, including cookware, appliances and glassware

three trendy worlds for future inspiration

Three worlds of trends stimulate creativity, foresight in projects and new perspectives on the fair. The bora.herke.palmisano trend office identifies movements in the design industry, particularly focused on sustainability and the research of materials, new aesthetic solutions, craftsmanship and digital innovations in 2023.

The ambiente trade fair returns in 2023 with the latest interior design trends
Three worlds of trends, identified by bora.herke.palmisano, aim to stimulate creativity and foresight in projects

The first of three trending universes, called unknown beauty_strange + graceful, reflects a familiar living environment that combines unconventional and unexpected creations. Intense, extravagant colors combine with soft, shimmering tones to give shapes and surfaces an element of abstraction. It highlights the dissolution of analog and digital.

nature_careful + pleasant, the second trend, uses organic shapes, soft colors and careful use of resources to create spaces with the calming power of nature. The life cycles of materials act as a source of inspiration when new products and solutions are born from waste. Natural tones – cold greens, neutral stone and warm clay – adorn the exhibition.

The third trend, enduring_passionate + evocative ideas, recalls classic design icons but in new reinterpretations for the modern day. The icons become fundamentally new thanks to striking shapes and strong colors, such as petrol blue and warm orange. Alternative materials are also highlighted. The exhibition shows how these design classics are as functional as they are aesthetic.

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