The best on-the-go products, according to fashionistas in a hurry

The essentials.

I like to see myself as an organized person. I religiously schedule events, dates, and meetings weeks in advance, and my control freak side most often takes over. But with returning to the office this year – which for me means a three-hour round trip – I found myself a little more short on time than ideal.

It took some getting used to, but I eventually got into the habit of keeping my bags (work tote, medium errand purse, and a small purse for going out) full of everything. the essentials so that I am never under-prepared.

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I now always have on hand: Too Faced Lip Glossa rotation of Carmex, ultra violet or Burt’s Bees lip balms, emergency pads (thank you PCOS for the surprise period every two to five months), concealer, that viral Revlon Volcanic Stone Roller, a claw clip, sunglasses, a face mask, hand sanitizer, Ultra Violet Mini Skinny Screenand ibuprofen (because sexy girls get headaches, especially when they forget to drink water all day – I don’t tolerate that).

Another thing that took me (and my bank account) by surprise was how much coffee I buy every time I’m in the office. Waking up at 6 a.m. proved difficult as I usually sleep until 8:30 a.m. when working from home, or 10 a.m. on weekends. So on a commuting day, I usually buy at least three coffees before the end of the day.

Luckily for busy, caffeine-fuelled people like me, the Aussie brand stoke offers a range of stylish ceramic mugs ready to go. And the best part? They are unbreakable and waterproof. This is a big highlight for me as I lost many reusable glass coffee cups due to a bumpy ride. Sttoke tumblers are available in a range of luxurious metallic colors with the recent addition of a bright, glossy yellow in a granite finish, and are double insulated to keep your drink hot for up to three hours or cold for up to six o’clock.

Wanting to find the cream of the crop for products to aid an active lifestyle, I reached out to other busy fashion people to see what they keep on hand when in a hurry.

Genevieve Phelan, freelance writer and publicist

I have this quasi-gypsy habit of throwing too many things in the same bag and hoping for the best every day of social outings. This is the first year that I consult four days a week and therefore I am only in an office on Wednesdays. But I also live between two houses (my mother’s and my boyfriend’s), sometimes three if you take into account a crash in the middle of the week in my girlfriends’ roommates. This means space is limited and I need all my essentials polished. When I’m packing my bags, I’m like, okay, let’s go through the default mental checklist.

A biggie is the scent, because who doesn’t want to smell good all the time? Odessa makes a killer compact solid perfume for no leaks and something you’ll never truly run out of. I also love Romemie‘s mini fragrances (especially Forest for a Santal dupe) for that throw-and-go lifestyle. On the beauty side, I’m all about Kosas Lip Oil to bring color, hydration and shine in a single gesture. Oh, and a mini Nars Climax Mascara is still in tow.

Next, an underrated must is a breath spray. Gem make a goodie that fixes me after a coffee, or late in the arvo before meeting friends (i.e. when you don’t have access to a full sink and water and brush scenario teeth). At the risk of rambling, another must! I highly recommend Moxie’s stamps because they come with a portable box that saves my ass every time I forget it’s THE Tuesday my period returns.


Kalaurie Karl-Crooks, founder of the women’s clothing brand Kalaurie

I am an Aesop girl. I still have them Protective Lip Balm and the Resurrection Hand Cream In my bag. I work with my hands all day and they really dry out from sewing and touching fabrics. Hand cream is a must to take care of my precious hands. My bag also contains:

  • A small handmade cotton grocery bag. You never know when you need an extra bag when you’re on the go. Especially if I happen to go to a fabric store or visit a trim supplier!
  • My reusable coffee mug. ESSENTIAL for grabbing a coffee on the go and not feeling like an asshole for a cup to go!
  • A small A5 notebook and a black pen. Inspiration comes from unlikely places.


Giulia Brugliera, editor-in-chief of FJ

My colleagues know how busy my mornings are. I get up at 5 a.m. every day to train (for my sanity) and time to walk the dog, before I start trashing the house to get ready for work in the short 20 minutes I have left. Fueling this mania is about three coffees before you even set foot in the office.

I rely heavily on my reusable cup every morning, stretching it over both barista-made coffees and whatever my home machine spits out. Sounds small, but honestly, it’s had the biggest impact on my time in the morning – I’m more apt to refuel at home than to impatiently walk to the cafe, wondering why so many other people would want to also a coffee before 9am. I’ve been through a lot, and my favorite right now comes from stoke. It’s one of the few in my collection that hasn’t leaked on my laptop, spilled on my clothes or cracked in my bag, and it’s always nice to support an Australian company. I currently have the sleek Gunmetal Gray in rotation, but am looking at the new Granite Yellow to add to my collection.


Sabrina Leina, Fashion Stylist

Nothing hides tired eyes like a dramatic wing. I take my liquid eyeliner everywhere because I can never anticipate if I will need to camouflage my sleepless, stressed, or overworked face. Luckily, over the years I’ve gotten plenty used to applying it quickly in unlikely situations. in crowded trains, in line at a club, on street corners before a job interview… is this a sign that I am always in a hurry or late?

As a stylist, you are expected to be dressed to work and to work physically hard. I’m not one to dress for comfort, and my only pair of sneakers are strictly for outdoor activities. However, I like to indulge in the juxtaposition of a sloppy and drab outfit, enhanced with a dramatic eye to make the outfit seem thoughtful and intentional rather than the only clean clothes left in my closet.


Christina Karras, freelance writer and editor

People who know me know that I’m always on the run from one thing to the next, so I’ve learned to carry a million things in my bag for any occasion. My work bag is a huge black nylon tote that I bought from Radical Yes, when I started working in journalism, it’s a bit of a modern day Mary Poppins situation! I’m a big fan of a cute and practical bag with room for everything.

I always keep my Fluff Bronzing Powder and a matching kabuki brush to color my face again before an after work dinner, and a Valet Studio Prong Hair Clip for when i’m inevitably sick of my hair being in my face. And I never leave the house without a huge bottle of water.

To buy the Sttoke range, go to here.

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