The Museum of Arts and Design presents an exhibition dedicated to the ephemeral art of floral design

The exhibition is curated by Auther and Sarah Bedford, the founder of the famous Bedford & Company floral design studio. Each week of the exhibition will be dedicated to a single artist, who will install spectacular fresh floral creations in the gallery. There will also be a curated selection of vessels in a range of mediums, complementing the focus on craftsmanship and flower arrangement design. Artists in this section of the exhibition will include Emilie Mullins and Pretty Ngoas well as a new video performance by Cauleen Smith.

the flower crafts the botanical artists are:

Kristin Alpaugh is the founder of Los Angeles-based FLWR PSTL, a studio whose prominent clients include Katy Perry, SZA and Doja Cat, as well as leading cosmetics and fashion brands. Alpaugh combines plants with various media to tell unique and compelling stories. She was recently featured on HBOMax’s Flower Pageant series, Full bloom.

Doan Ly, founder of ap bio, is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice integrates the fields of floral design, photography and video. Ly’s work has been published in vogue Spain, Chinaand Italy; the new yorker, Atlanticand Parents, among others. Its commercial clients include Moschino, Victoria’s Secret, Carolina HerreraZara and many more.

Lutfi Janania is a Honduran botanical artist raised in a bio-reserve between the rainforest and the mountains of San Pedro Sula. His sculptures, composed of exquisite dry and hydrated natural materials, are surreal, unrealized portraits of the artist’s imaginary worlds. Janania won the second season of HBOMax’s Full bloom.

Noritaka Noda is president of the Ikenobo Ikebana NYC Chapter, as well as the first and only American Special Teacher recognized by Ikenobo Headquarters in Kyoto, Japan. Noda is known for his unusual arrangements, which combine traditional and modern materials on different scales. Its clients include US and Japanese corporations, restaurants, retailers and museums.

Emily Thompson is the founder of Flowers by Emily Thompson in New York City. Born in VermontThompson received a master’s degree in sculpture from UCLA. Inspired by 18th century theory of the picturesque, she has designed dramatic naturalistic arrangements and installations for the Obama White House, MoMA’s modern restaurant, Bergdorf Goodman, Magazine T, Jason Wuand other notable clients.

Manu Torres is an artist based in Portland, OR. His floral arrangements often involve a dialogue between the artificial and the natural; incorporating paper, fabric, paint and feathers to mimic and exaggerate natural beauty in hyperrealistic ways. His recent solo exhibition at the Russo Lee Gallery was a ArtForum Critic’s choice.

During the course of the exhibition, the flower crafts The gallery will function as a classroom for MAD’s flower craft workshop taught by the exhibit artists, as well as a variety of cross-generational workshops. Surrounded by the extraordinary exhibition of innovative floral design, audiences of all ages and skill levels will be able to explore floral creativity with an inspiring collective of artists and designers.

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