The popularity of vegan products has extended beyond food

Seoul, Korea, November 4, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The popularity of vegan products has expanded beyond food to include beauty, fashion and household items. In recent years, a number of food industries have expanded their vegan offerings, such as the recently opened vegan restaurant “Plantude” by Pulmuone, “Bibigo Plantable Dumplings” by CJ CheilJedang, and “Vegan Protein” and “Vegan Convenience Food” by Olganica.

Among these cases, Forest Kitchen, the first vegan gourmet restaurant in Nongshim, which takes its name from a combination of Forest + Kitchen, suggesting that the restaurant intends to serve a menu containing the health of nature. The name also means “For Rest”, implying the notion of positive contribution to the well-being of customers and the improvement of global environmental conditions with vegan cuisine.

Forest Kitchen also features a vegan philosophy and cultural elements. The guest will find that the interior is made of natural materials and the kitchen uses 100% gas-free electricity, demonstrating ESG management principles. Additionally, the restaurant uses recycled paper for mask bags and menus, non-disposable linen napkins, and self-carbonated water to reduce plastic bottle consumption. As a vegan restaurant that offers food made with only 100% plant-based ingredients, this restaurant offers a vegan dining experience that exceeds expectations for people in their 20s and 40s who also enjoy non-vegan food.

Regarding the future prospects of veganism in Korea, Nongshim noted, “Nationally, veganism is considered exclusive to vegetarians; However, with a growing awareness of environmental issues and animal rights, veganism has become a way of life with the rise of the MZ generation, who value social justice. That’s why we expect the vegan market to continue to be a mega trend. Perhaps we should first examine the culture and values ​​contained within the term “vegan” if we wish to have a different experience with vegan food. We can’t wait to see how Nongshim’s “Forest Kitchen” visions will unfold at a time when various vegan cultures are becoming increasingly popular.

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