Three multi-unit restaurant franchises find success using multiple Givex products to manage their operations


Major players in the restaurant industry, including The Captain’s Boil, Foodtastic, and BarBurrito, have fueled their growth by leveraging multiple products from the Givex technology ecosystem

TORONTO, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – In the rapidly changing restaurant landscape due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, global fintech company Givex has thriveddue to its full line of products used by franchised restaurants such as The Captain’s Boil, Foodtastic and BarBurrito.

Restaurant franchises have historically struggled with clunky integrations, tinkering with various technology products with limited success, while others invest in a long-term technology strategy with a single partner to sustain growth and maximize efficiency.

“What sets Givex apart in the industry is our seamless technology ecosystem that helps restaurant owners and operators make informed business decisions. Many customers sign up with Givex for one product, but end up adding additional products after seeing the value Givex brings,” said Don Gray, CEO of Givex. “Other customers sign up for multiple Givex solutions from the get-go, after seeing the value in how the products work together. In both cases, the common thread is that customers are drawn to Givex because of our scalability and our best-in-class customer service, robust reporting, and seamless integrations.”

Casual seafood restaurant chain The Captain’s Boil was using various point-of-sale systems across its more than 20 units and needed an end-to-end technology partner to manage its growing franchise system. The Captain’s Boil now uses the full suite of Givex technology, including Point of Sale (POS), Kitchen Display System (KDS), Gift Cards, Online Ordering App and Loyalty and inventory control. Additionally, Givex has created a seamless integration with a third-party application to help The Captain’s Boil manage labor costs. In January 2022The Captain’s Boil opened its first US location amid the pandemic, largely due to its tech stack and ability to power its takeout/delivery platforms with Givex technology. As The Captain’s Boil expands its footprint, Givex’s technology solutions will evolve alongside its growth.

Another customer who sees the value of leveraging multiple Givex products is Foodtastic, which recently installed the full suite of technologies from Givex, including point-of-sale, KDS, gift card and payment systems and the online ordering app at more than a third of its 650 restaurants across 21 brands (including Second Cup, Milestones, Chocolato and Pita Pit). In early 2021, Foodtastic acquired over 200 Second Cup units, which already used GivexPOS and Customer WebSuite (CWS) gift card technology. After seeing the value of Givex’s solutions, fast setup time, best-in-class support, and robust reporting, Foodtastic rolled out POS and CWS system-wide later that year.

The 185-unit Tex-Mex restaurant chain BarBurrito, which recently has become the largest Mexican chain Canada, uses Givex technology to streamline the customer experience, create efficiencies, and make data-driven business decisions using a single solution. In October 2020BarBurrito has implemented GivexPOS in select locations in Saskatchewan and has since rolled out POS to all system locations and added Givex’s online ordering, gift card and loyalty programs to its technology stack.

As the industry continues to evolve, restaurateurs will always need to find cost-effective and efficient ways to meet changing customer needs and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Technology is no longer an afterthought; finding the right technology partner is one of the most important steps in laying the foundation for innovation and growth. By using a single vendor for multiple solutions, Givex customers can and will continue to leverage enterprise scalability, best-in-class customer service, robust reporting, and seamless integrations to support their growth.

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