Tiers Enjoy 30% Off All Products As They Celebrate Their Third Anniversary

KAMPALA – Levels Lounge, Restaurant & Health Club will be offering a 30% discount to customers for all of its products to give back to their customers on their 3rd anniversary.

The discount which will last for an entire month from April 1st to April 30th is to celebrate and appreciate their customers

According to Ms. Cynthia Ampaire, the show’s public relations officer, they want to ensure that their customers experience their main pillars of business, ie pleasure, indulgence and health.

She explains that they have organized “freebies” to ensure that they welcome their guests in different ways.

“The biggest giveaway we have this month will be on all three days of the week. i.e. every Wednesday for an entire month, Levels has implemented an incredible 30% discount on all bottles alcohol excluding beers, restaurant meals as well as health club packages. This is to stay within the theme of their 3rd anniversary,” she said.

For health, discount packages will cover discounted gym, sauna, massage parlor and spa every Wednesday this month to bring them back to full health.

Levels has also created a special menu named Levels Ramandhan Combo for their beloved Muslim guests. These will be served to them every evening to enable them to break their fast. Several delicious combos have been created and are available for tasting.

For loyal customers and “Future Loyal Customers” levels, a loyalty program has been created to which it will be free to register at the beginning. These would guarantee those who signed up to receive several discounts on food and drink.

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Rozella J. Cook